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January 2008, Notes on the Practice of Ron Giii

Without Division; notes on the practice of Ron Giii
Eli Langer

A book of drawings from 1972. Pages of tentative lines drawn with coloured markers where his hand and the pen don’t seem familiar to each other until a ruler is used to draw tightly parallel lines.Every drawing begins with a line, every line begins as a point. The lines draw away from the points much as thoughts or voice or other projections of a consciousness do.
Spontaneity changing directions and branching naturally, they cross each other as entities.

Nothing time, infinite empty space and infinite possible points, lines and waves of light and oscillating waves of sound contoured by mental, physical or whatever of the artist and his effect.

Ron is floating in the swimming pool. He’s wearing goggles. His hands and legs are pushing and pulling the water and making waves. He’s swimming. He is floating in the water molecules. They’re pressing on him and he on them, there is a fair balance of molecular pressures and he’s floating.

His drawn and painted figures are figures are not figures. There are points and lines and there’s two points which are two eyes. I see eyes where his pencil has stopped and punctuated, or arced a mouth or brow. The drawn figure looks like a gas, a cloudy atomic substance without solids or a body as a diffusion of particles, anyways it is all light.Hovering there, a gently grinning and benevolent appearing face in pencil and paint fuzz and blur laughing laughter a character performing his atomic theatre.

Ron Giii who touches much but does not close his hands.

The lines of geometry drawing here is an intuitive play mapping the artists awareness of the relativity of his points in flattened space. The space in the drawing on paper becomes un-flattened, unfolded space?

There are propositions of a place in time, when the artist barely touched the matter, he stays in-between being and becoming. he does not practice division.

The texts are philosophical reflections and proposals, whose sequences float apart and back to form without linearity, invariably changing their meanings. The structure is a living and flexible grammar, In a sounding of the words, are mental shapes and forms.

Ron Giii works on paper. We with high ambitions throw paper planes from his modern high-rise balcony high above Moss park. Aloft on a breeze and a breath of air they sail towards the park or spin into a dive towards the earth, a much shorter flight through space!

In writing he talks about an atomic substance, the atom is the basic and indivisible unit. The atom, which was split by modern war scientists, at the culmination of 20th century mans barbaric and pathological division of land and humans.

Giii’s atomic artist and individual, prepped by modernist promises and modifications, awakens in the world barely post- Auschwitz and Hiroshima and the continuing nightmare of daily barbarities and cynicism. After the shock of reality the artist aspires to find creative solutions and funny ones too, an ethic of an art based resistance to nihilisms and repetitive tyrannies.

The Art materials of Gas and Air

He said identity is boring. a schizophrenic is un-connected in the fragmented reality supported by modernism,

Ron Giii’s the anti-conscious is mindfulness without the divisive violence of morality but with a divine spontaneity.

The dialectical agent/agitator versus THE Political Party of Canada

Artists after Adorno must question what to do with Aesthetics? The radical artist puts aesthetics through his digestive system.

Art and the body, the mouth, the back, the legs, the arms and face, the ass, the cock, the hand, the eyes. The body sounds the piano, the piano and the body are a unity, projecting notes span airspace and our ears and consciousness are sharing

He associates with women and political thinkers and prostitutes and doctors and friends and others
He performs Spinozas ‘infinite substance’ as metaphysical unity is freedom. He quotes Nietzsche on the possible development of Peace-able man -‘of scales and carapaces grow feathers and hair’. His humanism is ambitious and challenging.

Giii proposes the ‘clarity in confusion’ as an artistic strategy to counter and disturb modern mechanical monotony. Confusion is a lights-out, time-out.He declares himself the anti modern. He speaks of bondage in volumes of air.
Indicates our attention towards the Art collectors of empty space

Being a visitor to empty space, he is highly sensitive and aware as a guest might be. Ron Giii passing through as a cool visitor declaring Hegels bagel.

Pigments in tung oil soaked rag paper porch drying in outdoor Canada while Ron Giii riding his gas bicycle invents Jimmy Algebra to crash the art world ongoing flirtations with the engineers of the modern republic.
he declares the right-on statement that the post modern is merely a born-again modern, then he invents a band from Toronto and names them ‘the Literals’

The event of variety store single cigarettes and down the block, tomato sandwichs.

General Giii, hands pushing air in empty space, releasing sound notes from the piano strings into empty space releasing the pencil line from the pencil, the painting from the paint-stick , gently declaring points in space as entities, eyes , consciousness, or unknown possibilities, locations…

With farts and farting the theatre of the shitbandit, amusing the lower functions releases the captive Italian bird purchased in a Milan market.

In-patient, out-patient signing the patient consent-form. The consent form is ironic. The outside is the inside in a modernist totality

The art of Ron Giii in its invisibility assumes the invisibility of the mental patient whom capitalism judges to be non-contributive to the accumulation of societies wealth. The artist and person who is not performing in the market place are floating un-connected while judicial law, commodity and capital gain are stuck recycling the value based economy of gross consumption and acquisitions, and getting Darwin wrong. On Ron Giii Street, word is Darwin was not about survival of the fittest. Darwin illuminated the unity of life’s origin and the branching connectivity and continuity of all life but the church and its division cannot agree.

Ron Giii springs from form to formless and pisses on the sadistic negations of modernism.

CEAC was a perverts club and art terrorist cons! But the Private Sculptor is a complicit co-operator with the archaic Roman fascism of the Canada Council for the Arts, the National Gallery of Canada, the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto Real Estate Investors and Developers.

The tranquility of the peaceful human face in art is sublime and perverse. It is an ironic social action when Giii creates a composition with living eyes.

Ron Giii performance compositions with busy-man construction/destruction tools - saws and screwed screwdrivers and lab tubes and hard matter are the instruments of geometry constructors gone awry. They’re playing with the basic instruments of medicine, science, architecture- they are not dividing up space but his performers are outsiders and they are monkeying about with it. It is a childish mimicry, mocking, it is a conscious undoing of responsibility of usage and purpose and a deliberate renunciation addressed to the totality of society.

Canadian health care is Canadian human rights.

Corrections Canada- Canada’s professionals, media, the corporate’s, architects and lawyers and psychiatrists, politicians and other dummys compulsively constructing brutalism and linear divisions and subdivisions of land and water and people while punishing them with poverty.
Canada’s first penitentiary is created

The hundreds of words and drawings, which he could just make, are a declaration of Love in brutalist Canada
Drawings whose tiny lines awaken
Are awakened
Winter lights of Canada

Giii morning good morning general Giii

Eli Langer

Eli Langer was born in montreal pq, 1967. He has various travel experiences and international painting shows to his credit. habitation: Toronto and Los Angeles.


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