December 2010: Ten Words and One Shot: Noah Becker Talks to Kevin Krumnikl

December 2010: Ten Words and One Shot: Noah Becker Talks to Kevin Krumnikl
Kevin Krumnikl in his office.

NOAH BECKER: Why did you start a Blog about artists?

KEVIN KRUMNIKL: I have been interested in art for years, maybe because my parents already collected a bit. One day I started my own collection and it all started in Toronto where I bought my first piece of art on a street market. I talked to the artist and it was fascinating listening to him. As years passed by I met other artists and bought or traded art from them. I pretty soon felt that it was way more than buying or collecting, it was the contact to the artist that fascinated me. As I am trying just to collect art from artists I know personally I wouldn’t have had the chance to get to know to so many others because of the lack of money. That actually was the birth of, a very selfish project indeed, haha.

BECKER: How many profiles have you done to date?

KRUMNIKL: Up to now there are 88 different artists on Blog. By the way you are number 80.

BECKER: Where did you come up with the questions and do the questions change, why are they so emotionally driven?

KRUMNIKL: I am a big fan of interviews in general, you experience a lot about people and their attitude towards life in a view lines, depending on how serious they answer to the interviewer but also in short or close – lipped responses you can read and find out a lot about the person. That’s why I came up with the words. What I do on the blog is not really an interview it s a short version of it just to give the artist as much space as s(he) needs to reply and to not make it boring for the reader, many people don t like reading a lot on blogs. I am not quiet sure if the words will change in the close future but the project will last for a while so why not some day? Why are they so emotionally driven, I don t really know, maybe because I am an emotional person?!

BECKER: What are you working on currently?

KRUMNIKL: There are different projects I am working on at the moment. Beside the blog and a book project, I am working as a designer for furniture, I do have my own little furniture label called Krumnikl Environment and I also help people furnishing their rooms, apartments, offices or houses. At the moment it’s a private house that I am working on.

BECKER: What are your favorite artists from art history?

KRUMNIKL: Cave – painting, Caravaggio, Egon Schiele, Rudolf Schlichter, Oskar Kokoschka, Marwan Kassab Bashi, Francis Bacon, David Nash and many others.

BECKER: What are your goals with 10 words and one shot?

KRUMNIKL: Well, I want to work on this project till there are 1000 artists on blog. As I am a bit old fashioned and a passionate reader I am working with some friends. of mine on a book according to the blog. The idea is to do 10 books, every book will show 100 artists so that at the end there are 1000 artists collected in 10 books and on blog of course. The first book with the first 100 artists will have an edition of 100 the second will have an edition of 200 and so on till the last book will have 1000 editions. The book will be first offered to the artists in exchange for an artwork of the same size. Hopefully all will agree and help to generate a collection of 1000 international and contemporary artworks. Lets see what happens.

BECKER: What aspect of art do you find compelling? I notice that most of your published artists are painters.

KRUMNIKL: Probably the person behind the art and his or her skills. The stories art can tell, about the world and its grievances about anything actually. It is a cosmos you can dive into and forget about yourself, but this is just my point of view. May be a bit to poetic.

BECKER: Do you paint?

KRUMNIKL: I’d say my art limits on doodling while on the phone, unfortunately.

BECKER: Do you have plans for an exhibition of all the artists you have published?

KRUMNIKL: If all goes well and all the artists send an artwork in exchange for the book, I would love to travel around the countries the artists are from and show the collection. Let’s see what will happen in the future.

BECKER: When and where can we get the book that is coming out about your blog?

KRUMNIKL: I can t really say when the first book will be released, my friends and me are still working on the layout but I think in the first quarter of 2011 and than probably annual releases. The first book will have the edition of 100 like the first 100 artists on blog so in case all 100 artists will do the exchange you can t buy the first edition. You will have to wait till the end of 2011 or the beginning of 2012 than there will be the chance to get 100 copies always in case all the artists on blog agree to the exchange, which they will hopefully do. Keep an eye on there I will communicate the exact release date and the partners you can get the book from.



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