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Whitehot Recommends: Terrence P.R. Turner: Hold That Thought at Mónica Reyes Gallery

Terrence P.R. Turner, Tie One on, 2023. Powder coated aluminum sculpture, 18 × 9 ¼ in.

Terrence P.R. Turner: Hold That Thought

Mónica Reyes Gallery 

By WM October 18, 2023 

Vancouver BC's Mónica Reyes Gallery is delighted to present an exhibition by Terrence P. R. Turner. The gallery's first solo presentation of works by Vancouver-based artist, features a body of work completed over the past two years.

Hold That Thought is Terrence Turner’s inaugural exhibition at Mónica Reyes Gallery. An artist and filmmaker, Turner illustrates cherished scenes taken from everyday experiences. His aluminum cutouts celebrate familiar objects and encounters, freezing his subjects mid-motion and distilling their histories into a singular moment in time. Turner sketches these moments by hand, then renders them as sculptures emphasizing contour and negative space. Some pieces portray intimate or joyful experiences, while others act as symbols—their social and material histories conveyed through clean linework and suggestions of texture. 

The two lightboxes presented in this exhibition display photographs taken in Vancouver neighbourhoods. Partially staged, partially caught by chance, these compositions feature found textual interventions and other overlooked details of public spaces. Like the analytical eye he casts in his films Dishonour (2018) and Poetry in Bronze (2015), Turner's still images probe gently at the ever-evolving social contexts he witnesses.

On view October 14 through November 18, 2023. WM

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