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Julia Morrison mints the first #MeToo NFT about escaping Armie Hammer in ‘Armie DM TMI NFTs’

  Julia Morrison's NFT is the first #MeToo movement NFT in history. Bid on it here in Foundation.


Julia aka Jelly Morrison, a young Brooklyn-based writer and artist, came to the attention of Armie Hammer, when she was featured as talent on the Instagram silo of Sarah Bahbah, a visual artist, mostly of cute babes, with 1 million followers. Bahbah’s pix of her had captions like Lost in Existential Thoughts in a series titled For Arabella, a photographic study of a toxic relationship. Morrison's first communication from Hammer began in 2017: Hello, I hope this finds you well. So I’m writing because the images from For Arabella are amazing and I was wondering if there was anywhere to see it in Los Angeles.                               

Morrison missed this message until she was told Hammer was following her by a woman she met while working on a movie at USC, before lockdown. She found the text, got in touch. "What’s more ubiquitous and of the zeitgeist than a horny rich dude sliding into a girl’s DM?" she asks, breezily. For those not up on InternetSpeak, a DM is the Direct Message.

Morrison never did meet Hammer face to face but became engaged in a candid conversation. For a while. It fizzled out after a few disturbing turns and she here supplies the answer to the second half of her own question: An NFT of that girl’s DM is utterly zeitgeisty. "A moment in time, like Jackson Pollock drips paint on a canvas," Morrison exults. "Own a part of internet history, and the first NFT minted within the #MeToo Movement." WM                 


Anthony Haden-Guest


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