Whitehot Magazine

March 2012: VIP Opening of Keith Haring @ The Brooklyn Museum

 Entrance of The Brooklyn Museum 

Keith Haring, Words as Images, Images as Words.

Project Curator Tricia Laughlin Bloom and Exhibition Designer Matthew Yokobosky

Art Hood Founder and CEO Lisa Anastos and Zev Eisenberg

Actress Susan Sarandon  

Alba Clemente 

"OF THE" Publisher Leighana Waight and artist/writer Joe Heaps Nelson

Artist Olivia Wolfe 

Artist Will Ryman 

Director Arts Center Cincinnati Raphaela Platow and friend

Gallerist Paul Kasmin 

Fab Five Freddy, Diego Cortez, Alba Clemente and friend

Gallerist Tony Shafrazi 

Paul Kasmin Director Clara Ha

Whitehot Magazine Brooklyn Editor Leah Schlackman and Editor-in-Chief Noah Becker 

Friend, Actress Rosy Perez, Graffiti Artist Futura 2000, and his daughter 

Samuel Swasey and Collector John Jonas Gruen 

Musician/actress Courtney Love and Artist David LaChapelle 


Fab Five Freddy 

Julie Joesph, Keith Haring Curator Raphaela Platow, and Haring Foundation Archivist Elen Woods

Writer Tamara Warren and Graffiti Artist Lee Quinones

Paper Magazine's Carlo McCormick


 Witan Walczak Art Advisor Stephanie Walczak

Artestar President David Stark, Attorney John Charles Thomas and Haring Foundation Attorney Ambre Nerinck-Seltzer

Tony Shafrazi and Diego Cortez Horsing Around

Melissa and Belinda Neumann,  Lisa Phillips, Gallerist Tony Shafrazi and Collector Hubert Neumann

Collectors Greg and Tamara Belinfanti

Designer Renaldo
Collectors Edward and Phyllis Kwalwasser

Banker Lana Jo Hill and Artist Yenna K Hill

Brooklyn Museum's Paul Johnson and CitiGroup's Bob O'Leary


Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson makes collages from international street posters and moonlights as an art paparazzi at Whitehot Magazine. Check out his work at www.chamuconegro.com

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