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Andy Moses at Peter Marcelle Project

 Andy Moses, Dr. Mel Braverman and Linda Fontana

All Photos by Bryan Thatcher


SOUTHAMPTON, NY – Peter Marcelle Project played host this past weekend to a pop-up show by west coast artist Andy Moses whose morphologically inspired paintings convey a strong sense of the supernatural in our slowly-decaying, natural world. And with a name like Moses, whose Hebrew root (masha) is the verb 'to draw out'  (the biblical Moses was drawn out of the water), it is not surprising that Andy finds inspiration in that most basic and fundamental element to create pictures which can induce a feeling of being sucked out to sea or drawn under a massive tidal wave. Those painted on convex surfaces most convincing. WM

 Artist Andy Moses and Steve Miller

Claudia Aronow and actress/model SuzyMae

James Croak and Tomoe

John A Healy and Andy Moses

Sophie Chahinian, Andy Moses, and Kathy Murphy

Steve Miller, Greg Miller, Andy Moses and Hubert De La Bouillerie

We love when dogs attend art openings



Gregory de la Haba

Gregory de la Haba is an artist and writer from New York City.

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