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Whitehot Recommends: MoMA Postcard Project

By WM November 13, 2023

From the press release:

November 15, 2023, marks the full public launch of MoMA Postcard, a global community project built with Bitmark on the Autonomy app.  

An experiment in collective creativity on blockchain, MoMA Postcard invites anyone to collaborate, learn, and experiment with web3 technologies.  

Akin to a digital chain letter and echoing Joseph Beuys’ idea of “social sculpture,” each Postcard is designed collaboratively. Stamp by stamp, person by person, the aesthetics and ownership of the Postcard develop until all 15 stamps have been designed, signed, and minted to the blockchain. The 15 stampers receive equal ownership rights to the Postcard. Fellow stampers can track their shared Postcard along its journey, chat with their Postcard community in an encrypted chat room, and peruse other Postcard creations. A dynamic interface for social exchange, each Postcard serves as a micro-community within the broader Postcard community.

With MoMA Postcard, we hope to facilitate dialogue and cultivate a creative space that inspires meaningful connections within and across communities.  

MoMA Postcard First 15 

Kicking off the project with a special collection, we asked 15 artists working at the intersection of art and technology to create their own set of postcards, which launched on Oct 3rd. Each creator started with a blank card for which they devised their own prompt. The 15 cards were then passed around all 15 artists, accumulating new stamps as they traversed the globe. In total, the First 15 postcards traversed 35 cities, 11 countries, and five continents.  

First 15 Artists: Kim Asendorf, Peter Burr, Dmitri Cherniak, Linda Dounia, Sarah Friend, LoVid, Anna Lucia, Operator, Osinachi, p1xelfool, Ykxotkx, Casey Reas, IX Shells, Sasha Stiles, and Grant Yun.

First 15 Testimonials 

How It Works 

The Museum of Modern Art connects people from around the world to the art of our time. We aspire to be a catalyst for experimentation, learning, and creativity, a gathering place for all, and a home for artists and their ideas. 

Autonomy is developed specifically for digital art connoisseurs to collect, view, and discover new work. This easy-to-use app allows artwork across multiple blockchains to be stored in one secure wallet, able to be shared and presented not only on your smartphone but across multiple screens, with access to uncover more. Autonomy works with Ethereum and Tezos and supports all new chains as they emerge. An accessible and friendly platform, Autonomy also aims to educate users by providing the details of artwork, descriptions, and attributes and automatically giving collectors the power to search the platform and discover new artists and artwork from the safety of the app.  

Download from Autonomy.io, Apple, Google, 

Bitmark makes tools that advance human autonomy working across essential services such as life sciences, entertainment, and digital identity. Bitmark has two projects exploring human autonomy and creativity: the curated, artist-driven digital art gallery Feral File and Autonomy — the app for collecting digital art. The team is distributed across Asia, Europe, and the United States. Awarded as World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer in 2020. WM


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