Ruben Natal-San Miguel at The Armory Show 2022

 Joiri Minaya at Calderón Gallery NYC

Minaya’s works often reflect how non-Latin people perceive the Caribbean landscape, specifically that of the Dominican Republican where it originated from and what their misconceptions and perceptions mean for those who actually inhabit the region. Two photographic mixed media untitled examples from her ongoing “Divergences” series are hung over printed wallpaper showing impressionistic lush greenery; Minaya photographed mid-century wallpaper, then digitally altering it in Photoshop to create a non-repeating pattern that seems to glitch. The final effect is extremely decorative yet full of content and culturally relevant meaning.

Lucia Hierro at Charlie James Gallery, Los Angeles

Lucia Hierro is a Dominican-American multimedia artist known for soft-assemblage, painting, sculpture, and digital media collages that represent the intersectionality between Dominican American identity, capitalism, and community through a culturally relevant lens.

David Antonio Cruz at Monique Meloque Gallery Los Angeles, CA.

David Antonio Cruz at Monique Meloque Gallery Los Angeles, CA.

Cruz is an interdisciplinary artist working in drawing, painting, video, and performance. He is best known for his psychological paintings that combine figuration, abstraction, and collage.


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