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GENOVA, Galleria Il Trifoglio Nero Presents "Along The Horizon", May 24 - July 3, 2008



MAY 24 – JULY 3, 2008

OPENING MAY 24 18.00 – 21.00

along the horizon features new and recent work by the kenyan / german artist ingridmwangiroberthutter.

ingrid mwangi, born in 1970 in nairobi, has participated in exhibitions and festivals throughout the world including the 52nd venice biennale in 2007.

ingridmwangiroberthutter, born 1970 in nairobiludwigshafen, works with new media to develop a body of artwork that is concerned with questions of how to realize common realities, overcome cultural and social discriminations and avoid violent conflicts in order to move towards more humane, just and peaceful societies. the use of the artist‘s two bodies to generate video and photographical imagery relating to these themes is a central aspect of the work.

a catalogue is being produced for the exhibition which includes an essay ‘beyond the mirror' by simon njami. he says of the artist that:

‘in mwangi's work this visionary power acts with an almost perfect symmetry. on the one hand there are the photographs, from which she seems to be conspicuously absent, such as ozone, ebb & flood or kenyan, human, mediator. on the other hand, in her videos, the artist uses her visionary power on her own body. at this point the body becomes arbiter, an intermediary between herself and another world of which we are unaware, it oscillates between animal incarnation and pure spirituality and it is during this mediumistic operation that the body yields completely to the spirit, or rather, to the sacristy of the soul.'

(simon njami, lausanne 1962) is a writer, critic and curator. he was the artistic director for the bamako biennale in 2001 and co-curator for the african pavilion at the 52nd venice biennale. he has also curated numerous other exhibitions including africa remix (dusseldorf, london, paris, tokyo, johannesburg 2005-7) and the first exhibition of african art in johannesburg in 2008.


galleria il trifoglio nero
palazzo ducale
piazza matteotti 80r
+39 010 859 2255



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