Mark Acetelli, Artist

Downtown True Grit

From his studio over 5th and Main, Downtown Artist Mark Acetelli works on his current series that uses industrial colors layered over found objects, often centered by an image that walks out of urban decay, gives each piece an elegant grit.

His neo-expressionism influenced painting began while working as a musician in another haven for urban decay, Detroit, a decade ago. The self-taught artist gives himself few restrictions, often painting over first attempts giving the wood multiple layers of texture over the collage, reminding you of neglected buildings.

 His first influence is a buried layer from 10 years ago that happened at a large home in Detroit while on a day job postponed by rain. He and co-workers went to see the just released "Basquiat" and was moved by the works of street artist Jean-Michel Basquiat highlighted in the film. Returning to the job site, an actual Basquiat that could be seen through the window of the home he was working on. "It was eerie . . .then see it on a wall later that day" says Acetelli. He began painting for himself in-between music sessions.

After years of experimenting, and a subsequent move to Los Angeles, Acetelli began to take his paintings to gallery after gallery. Locally, he has done group exhibitions at Downtown's Regent Gallery, Red Dot Gallery and currently has works for sale at Bert Green Fine Art.

"He has a complete passion for his work, and it shows," says Julie Rico of Red Dot. James Panozzo, from Lawrence Asher gallery, has patiently watched his work progressed and Acetelli recalls showing this current series to Panozzo say, "Now, we have something here."

Mark Acetelli
451 S. Main St #1108
Los Angeles, Ca 90013



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