March 2010: Images from Noah Becker's Whitehot Magazine @ the Armory Show NYC.

  Whitehot publisher Noah Becker with Whitehot writer Kofi Forson (center) and painter Adam Krueger (right).

 Painter Adam Krueger examines a painting by Whitehot Magazine publisher Noah Becker.

 A view of the bookcase at Salomon Contemporary in Chelsea. (Work by Mike Solomon in the background).


 Whitehot Magazine New York Editor Jill Conner on the move in Chelsea.

 Bob Colacello in Chelsea.


View from the top. Image courtesy the Armory Show 2010.

  Image courtesy the Armory Show 2010.

 Whitehot Magazine New York editor Jill Conner holding court at the Armory Show, NYC 2010.
 Image courtesy the Armory Show.

Whitehot correspondent Justine Ludwig with Whitehot New York editor Jill Conner at the Armory Show 2010. Image courtesy the Armory Show.

  Noah Becker with writer Justine Ludwig at the Armory Show New York City. Image courtesy the Armory Show.

 Photographer Michael Halsband (left) with Noah Becker (center) and James Salomon (right) 
 Image courtesy of the Armory Show.

  Berlin artist Anna Genger with Steven Charles at the Marlborough booth. Collage by Michael Anderson on the wall.
 Image courtesy the Armory Show and Marlborough Gallery.

 Armory VIP. Image courtesy the Armory Show.

  Armory VIP. Image courtesy the Armory Show.

  Noah Becker at A/C Institute in Chelsea.

   Jill Conner with Holly Crawford at A/C Institute.

   Anthony Haden Guest (right) Jill Conner (center) and Noah Becker (right) at ACE Hotel NYC.

  Anthony Haden Guest holds court at ACE Hotel NYC. Michael Anderson's permanent collage installation is on the wall.



  Sculptor Ned Smyth (left) with BOMB Magazine publisher Betsy Sussler (center) and Noah Becker (right)
 image courtesy Leslie Tonkonow Gallery.

  Noah Becker with Whitehot Berlin writer Hili Perlson. Image courtesy Fountain exhibition NYC.


   Jill Conner with painter Jacob Ouilette at his Dean Project exhibition in Queens.

 Noah Becker on the new York subway. Image copyright Whitehot Magazine archives 2010.

  Noah Becker with painter Nir Hod.

Whitehot's Kofi Fosu Forson at Corneila Street Cafe in the west villiage NYC.

Todd Rosenbaum (left) with Noah Becker (right) at the Hogar Collection.

NY gallerist Claire Oliver (left) with Jill Conner (right)

Work by AES + F Collective at Claire Oliver in Chelsea NYC.

Painter Adam Stennett in Chelsea.

Editor-in-Chief: Noah Becker

Noah Becker is founder and editor-in-chief of Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art, a visual artist, jazz musician and writer.



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