Press Release: Orensanz 2008, The Far Reaches of Space March 27th to March 30th, 2008 Various locations in New York City


March 27th – March 30th, 2008

Various locations in New York City


“Look down, there’s everything!

Everything is what Mars is, and

It looks exactly like your Apartment!”


“We are exploring a beautiful galaxy littered with planets, pieces of exploded rockets, asteroids and meteors with pretty tails sweeping through outer space.”


From: Bob Hollman “Your Land on Mars,” 2004


Spotted around the island this upcoming Armory Show weekend will be a silver shuttle embodying the imaginative voyage of renowned Spanish artist Angel Orensanz. Continuing his challenge to conventional ways of exhibiting, this interventional project encompasses Orensanz’ recent explorations of time, space, and memory. Curated and conceptualized by Greggory Bradford and Jan Van Woensel, Orensanz 2008, The Far Reaches of Space, recalls three former art works of Angel Orensanz: Burning Universe (2002,) Steppes of Mars (2003,) and Nasa’s Lab (2004.) As a time capsule that physically and symbolically expresses Orensanz’s ideas of space and travel, the nomadic shuttle temporarily stations at selected art havens in the city. Upon embarking at these key locations, the shuttle transforms into a stage of live music and poetry performances. A private viewing cinema in the shuttle exhibits the aforementioned sculptures, installations and public performances captured in video.

Angel Orensanz’s is known for his large-scale artistic interventions designed for significant historic parts of cities and renowned art events such as the Venice Biennial. Further elaborating on the peripatetic nature of the artist, the traversing project Orensanz 2008, The Far Reaches of Space takes the New York City art scene as its primary mission. Probably at its highest peak moment of the year, with the Armory Show as a powerful mothership that comes surrounded by many satellite art fairs and special events, this project adds a whimsical element to the art hysteria of these days. In a poetic style, Orensanz 2008 navigates the city independently and unannounced, producing only impulses of motion, sound and experience without leaving traces.

Orensanz 2008, The Far Reaches of Space, converges the crossing paths of two worlds: between recalling the past and the celebration of the present. 

Orensanz 2008, The Far Reaches of Space

A project by independent curators Greggory Bradford and Jan Van Woensel

Sponsored by the Angel Orensanz Foundation, New York



Thursday March 27


2 pm: Volta Art Fair


4 pm: The Armory Show + Pulse Art Fair


6 pm: Chelsea Art Museum


Friday March 28


10 am: Studio Museum in Harlem


12 pm: Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza


2 pm: Whitney Museum of American Art


3 pm: The Armory Show + Pulse Art Fair


Saturday March 29


12 pm: The Armory and Pulse Art Fair


3 pm: Solomon Guggenheim Museum


4 pm: Whitney Museum


6 pm: Italian Cultural Institute


Sunday March 30


10 am: Lower East Side Galleries


1 pm: The New Museum of Contemporary Art


3 pm: MoMa


5 pm: The Armory Show + Pulse Art Fair



For further information, please contact Jan Van Woensel at or (973) 901 - 8208

Greggory D. Bradford

Greggory D. Bradford received an MFA from Edinburgh College of Art he lives and works in New York City.

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