MUSIC: Arnold Lee + Jules the Villain: Crystal Waterfalls


Jules the Villain (L) and Arnold Lee (R) photo by Gabriele Baldotto

NEW YORK, MAR. 2016, By WM

Arnold Lee, collaborated with Jules the Villain to release "Crystal Waterfalls," an inspiring new electronica track and the first single from Lee's upcoming EP set to be released later this year. 

About "Crystal Waterfalls"
Lee and Jules the Villain created an orchestral field in which to play in, creating a sense of openness while maintaining a driving beat through the use of beautiful rhythm and harmony. The initial session lasted six hours and Lee was ready to take a break and continue another day. However, Jules kept pushing. "Looking back, I'm glad he wouldn't let us stop," said Lee. "A couple days later I recorded some saxophone overdubs and then spent about six weeks mixing and adding compression and reverb, etc. It was really fascinating and enlightening to find out how much production is actually a part of the composition. During the mixing sessions I definitely tried to bring out the feeling and emotion of enjoyment, being out in the open, nature, and of course, waterfalls."

The Story of Arnold Lee
Musician, saxophonist, composer and producer, Arnold Lee is driven to inspire. His passion for music stems from exploring new boundaries and perfecting his craft. Making music he enjoys is a top priority for Lee, who loves the energy and stimulation of live performances that both captivate and excite. 

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Lee was surrounded by musical influences. He started playing the drums at the age of two then switched to saxophone at age seven.

Learning from his father, Bill Lee, a bassist, composer and legendary jazz musician, (Bob Dylan) (Cat Stevens) (Simon and Garfunkel) (Duke Ellington) (Odetta) and more, Arnold performed his first concert at the age of three. Home schooled by his parents, Susan and Bill, allowed Arnold to travel on tour with his father. Lee graduated from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, where he decided to pursue his passion and become a professional musician. After releasing his first album, The Arnold Lee Quartet, in January 2012, he moved toward music that incorporates more electronica and rock. His interest in electronic music was influenced by guitarist/composer Rafiq Bhatia, a fellow graduate of the Oberlin Conservatory. Lee apprenticed with producer Yuri Beats, who taught him the fundamentals of music production. Continuing to expand and build his craft, he produced his first electronica track with Jules the Villain, titled "Crystal Waterfalls," the first single from Lee's upcoming EP set to be released later this year. WM

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