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March 07/ WM issue #1:Terrence KOH, Whitney Museum of American Art

March 07/ WM issue #1:Terrence KOH, Whitney Museum of American Art
Terence KOH (ASIANPUNKBOY) Untitled 8 (GREASE SWITCHBLADE), 2003, Switchblade, fake diamonds, glue, acrylic paint, approx. 22.8 x 2.5 cm (9 x 1 inches) Edition 3 + 2 AP

Terence Koh, Whitney Museum of American Art

by Irma Cannavo
for whitehot, New York 

Terence Koh's installation at The Whitney Museum of Art is more than just a bright light. For his first solo exhibition in the Terence Koh uses a light as his primary medium. Terence Koh's installation at the Whitney is the counterpart to a previous exhibition at Kunsthalle Zurich. But it is the installation at the Whitney that focuses on using lighting as a direct medium for this installation.

The installation is essentially a white cube that illuminates a rebirth. However do we feel a sense of new or are we left angry and unsatisfied? Feeling that we can't directly confront the light seems to remain at the discretion of the viewer. The installation that Terence Koh creates at The Whitney Museum of Art appears to take a cube or concave like presence from the placement and direction of the light. Triggers of perception of the senses are what this exhibit is about. The idea of a cosmic event or occurrence is a touch of what the artist is getting at.


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Irma Cannavo

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