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Spotlight: Caitlin McKenna and Kelly-McKenna Gallery

Whitehot Magazine Founder Noah Becker and Caitlin McKenna.

By WM November 28, 2023 
In addition to her role as the founder and driving force behind the Kelly-McKenna Gallery, Caitlin has been instrumental in curating and overseeing the acquisition of contemporary art for numerous prominent collections. Her expertise extends beyond the gallery's walls, influencing the dynamic programming of exhibitions that showcase the forefront of artistic expression. The recent accolade from Whitehot Magazine, recognizing the gallery as a new "coup de Coeur," further underscores the impact of Caitlin's contributions to the art world.

Our recent visit to the Kelly-McKenna Gallery in the charming coastal town of Spring Lake on the beautiful Jersey Shore revealed a gem of a historical exhibition. The gallery's commitment to showcasing meaningful and thought-provoking artwork was evident, solidifying its reputation for seriousness and maintaining an exceptionally high level of exhibition quality.

Installation view, Edwin Schlossberg: Consciousness Wins.

During our visit, we were captivated by an outstanding exhibition featuring the visionary artist Edwin Schlossberg. Schlossberg's artistic journey, which unfolded alongside luminaries such as Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist, and Buckminster Fuller in 1960s New York, is a testament to his unique approach. Rather than focusing on letter forms, Schlossberg's art practice delves into the profound meanings behind words. A polymath in the truest sense, he has left an indelible mark on art, architecture, and design, continuing to pioneer interactive experiences in the contemporary art landscape.

The upcoming exhibition at the gallery will showcase the exceptional talent of Olga Titus, a Swiss-Malaysian artist known for her innovative exploration of trans culturalism. Through a dynamic blend of video, installation, and painting, Titus skillfully intertwines diverse cultural elements to forge unique hybrids in her artistic practice. Renowned for her captivating sequin paintings, characterized by their ever-shifting, screen-like allure, Titus's creative oeuvre consistently navigates what she aptly terms a 'fluid space'—a realm situated between cultures, as well as the realms of analog and digital."

Installation view, Edwin Schlossberg: Consciousness Wins

Caitlin's extensive seven-year tenure in the art world positions her as a seasoned professional with a deep understanding of both contemporary and modern art. Her curatorial choices consistently revolve around artists and artworks that push the boundaries of conventional artistic expression, offering audiences a glimpse into the intricate tapestry of the human experience.

For those seeking an enriching cultural experience, we highly encourage you to explore the the remarkable exhibition featuring Edwin Schlossberg's visionary works at the Kelly-McKenna Gallery as well to discover prolific works by Olga Titus. It's an opportunity to witness the convergence of artistic brilliance and to personally meet the talented Caitlin McKenna, whose passion for groundbreaking art has left an indelible mark on the gallery's legacy. WM


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