LOS ANGELES, Chango presents Andrea LaHue "Wall Flowers", June 7, - June 30, 2008


a solo show of work by:
Andrea LaHue

June 7, 2008 – June 30, 2008
opening reception:
Saturday, June 7th from 7-10 p.m.

Chango Coffee House & Gallery
1559 Echo Park Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90026


Andrea LaHue
Andrea LaHue’s goal as an artist is to paint our time with virtuosity.  As with most artists, she is inspired by life, the day to day and her work is in constant evolution.  For LaHue, it’s about simplifying the view without compromising the details, making life less complicated and contrived, instead, flowing in a light hearted, straight forward and beautiful way. Skillfully engaging paint as a vehicle for channeled inspiration, LaHue allows the full breadth of subject, emotion and meaning to inhabit her paintings.  Each painting captures the moment and dimensions of life, allowing others to come closer.  

LaHue’s main body of work is expressed in oils, a medium she utilizes in a classical tradition modified by a fertile, current edge.  Her Flowers are born of natures calling and the meditative quality of the seasons and passage of time; what’s inside, what’s inevitable, what’s archetypical…Constantly pushing up, through the ground, heralding the circle of life and its simple, astounding, transient force.  Her Totem Animal Energy series is her reflection of personalities and ways of being found in the people around her.  LaHue’s Energy series shows the hyper reality she believes exists, the energy and dimensions around and within us we perceive, yet cannot see.  The Cityscapes are born out of LaHue’s outward experience on her daily journeys where the routine is highlighted, beautified and imbued with a transient quality, heightening the now.  These four groups encompass LaHue’s work thus far.

Andrea LaHue was born in Vicenza Italy to a US Military family.  Living in Europe and the United States, her mother's European background insured LaHue's exposure to the most revered Western artwork in the world, from a very young age.  

Involved in the growing Los Angeles art scene, LaHue has been mentored by great artists such as Jimmy Hayward, and Andy Moses. LaHue’s work appears as the character Lily’s painting on the FOX prime time show, How I Met Your Mother, her satirical political paintings, the CNN series, were covered by the Associated Press and appeared in newspapers worldwide, she was mentioned in renowned art collector Richard Wiesman’s book, From Picasso to Pop and her work hangs in The Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and is frequently visited by children throughout the hospital.

Painting all her life and calling Los Angeles her home, LaHue has shown in New York, Los Angeles and Paris.

Andrea LaHue
With this series I was interested in three major points:  to see my oil paints transform and become new /now yet maintain an eternal, archetypical edge., reveal what the energy of dreaming and being human in this quantum field feels and looks like and capture the layering of life as we experience it spiritually while play with the ideas of String Theory.
These paintings have a deep movement and shimmer; they are dynamic, celebratory, whole and sensual..  LaHue’s Energy series shows the hyper reality she believes exists, the energy and dimensions around and within us we perceive, yet cannot see.



Best, Noah Becker, Editor-in-Chief, Whitehot Magazine

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