June 2013: Whitehot Watch


By Jason Stopa

So far June has been surprising. There are a bunch of solo shows worth seeing. First, is Wolfgang Tillmans photographs at Andrea Rosen. This tastefully curated show is full of uncanny contrasts. Some of these works are subtle, others obvious, but all of them mysterious and jarring. Joe Bradley at Gavin Brown and John Zurier at Peter Blum are painter’s retreats. See Bradley for his uninhibited, abstract-figurative paintings. See Zurier for his refined, delicate touch. There is always a spread of summer group shows, and no doubt many more will come. We recommend “The Wild Bunch”, “What I Like About You” and “Dying on Stage.” Our top list follows:

“Wolfgang tillmans: from Neue Welt” will be on view until June 22, 2013

“John Zurier : A spring a thousand years ago” is on view
at Peter Blum Gallery until June 22. http://peterblumgallery.com

"Joe Bradley: Lotus Beaters", is on view at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise until June 29.

“Car Wash Incident” by Jack+Leigh Ruby will be on view at Eyebeam as part
of Monkey Town 3, from June 13—August 11, 2013. http://www.eyebeam.org/events/monkey-town

"The Wild Bunch - New Art From New York #3" is on view at Gallery Poulsen until July 20. Featuring: Aaron Johnson, Adam Stennett, Alfred Steiner, Barnaby Whitfield, Christian Rex Van Minnen, Daniel Davidson, Debra Hampton, Michael Scoggins. For the full list follow:

 Prague Biennial 6 kicked off this June and will run through September 15. If you make it there,
check out the Abelow room featuring: Paula Brunner Abelow and Joshua Abelow. http://www.praguebiennale.net

"Sticks And Stones, Pt. 1 & Pt. 2: Pt. 1" is on view from May 4 – June 6 at Cherry & Martin.

"Matt Mignanelli & Ryan Wallace: An exhibition of new work" curated by Jessica Hodin is on view
from June 6 - July 2013 at Bleecker Street Art Center. http://www.bsacny.com/exhibitions/8/overview

"Dying on Stage: New Painting in New York" will be on view at Garis & Hahn.
Featuring: Tatiana Berg, Ariel Dill, Sarah Faux, Clare Grill And Kristina Lee. Curated By Kyle Chayka. June 20 – July 20.

"What I Like About You", is on view at Parallel Art Space until June 30. Featuring:Julie Alexander, Henry Samelson, Valerie Brennan, Brian Cypher, Brian Edmonds, Patricia Satterlee, Justine Frischmann, Melanie Parke, EJ Hauser, Julia Schwartz, Sharon Butler, Peter Shear, Katherine Bradford and more. For full list follow the link: http://www.parallelartspace.com/Parallel_Art_Space/Current.html


Jason Stopa

Jason Stopa, b. 1983. is a painter, writer and curator in New York. Recent exhibits include Silhouette at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, NY, About Space at ArtBridge Drawing Room, NY, and The Triumph of Human Painting at Bull & Ram Gallery, Bushwick. Stopa received a BFA from Indiana University and and MFA from Pratt Institute. He is a contributing writer for Art In America, The Brooklyn Rail and Whitehot Magazine. His work has been reviewed in Interview Magazine, ArtInfo and New American Paintings. For more about Stopa please visit: http://jasonstopa.wordpress.com


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