June 2008, Julie Davidow @ Tarryn Teresa Gallery

June 2008, Julie Davidow @ Tarryn Teresa Gallery
Julie Davidow Untitled Courtesy Tarryn Teresa Gallery
Julie Davidow
2525 Michigan Ave.
Santa Monica, CA

My Private Mechanics

Julie Davidow is a Floridian who had her first west coast exhibit at Tarryn Teresa Gallery at Bergamot Station. When I spoke with her she said that she hadn’t visited Los Angeles since she was a kid. Julie describes herself as a frustrated scientist. She said that most of her family members are involved in the sciences. The irony is that usually the scientists call themselves frustrated artists. Julie’s exhibit at Tarryn Teresa Gallery consisted of pencil drawings in the entry way, an installation, of a painting on unstretched canvas, on the far left hand corner of the gallery, and a series of paintings that complemented the installation and the drawings. Also a continuous pencil line drawing, beginning with the entry way drawings, linked all the paintings and installation in the gallery. The pencil line appeared as fibrous-tenuous-ice needles combined with electrical charges. The frustrated scientist makes her first declaration by this continual line drawing. The continual line could be a monolithic interpretation of a close up view of human nerve endings drawn on the gallery walls.

Julie’s paintings consisted of muted colors of slathered opalescent creams, with mid-tone yellows, and fluorescent pinks. Julie stated that the fluorescent colors were a new addition and dealt with the heating up of the world, the rise in energy and its conflict and survival. Close up the paintings had areas that were reminiscent of fossilized images. These imprints take on a prophetic record that relate to Julie’s theme of heat and energy. All living organisms that exist now are future fossil material.

As an artist, Julie is providing an abstract glimpse of the basic components the make up our world—energy, electricity. Also she is pondering how humans can evolve and co-evolve with other living organisms. Her paintings, drawings and installation are a new strain and voice for what people in all walks of life may want to consider.
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