Aaron Johnson: PISOCKOPHILIA - photos from the opening

Artist Aaron Johnson

Artist Alfred Steiner and Writer Leighana Waight

Artist Debra Hampton

Artist Emily Weiskopft

Artist Rebecca Goyette

Artists Tom Sanford, Frank Webster, Kristen Schiele, and Will Kurtz

Collagist Luis Alves

Collectors Yelena Mokritsky and Dominic Epinosa

Designer Mario Carrion-Ruiz and Artist Daniel Davidson

Fashionista Christine Von Becker

Gallerist Anna Ortt

Gallerist Stephan Stux

Guitarist Gigi Giobbi and Artist Chambliss Giobbi

Lodge Gallery Director Jason Patrick Voegele

Painter Akikazu Iwamoto

Painter Michael Zansky

Painter Tom Sanford and Collector J.P. Brask

The Crowd at the Opening

Video Artist Jenn Ruff

Volta Art Fair's Rachel Fick



Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson makes collages from international street posters and moonlights as an art paparazzi at Whitehot Magazine. Check out his work at www.chamuconegro.com

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