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A Beautiful Chaos by Another Day wraps this week in Brooklyn and it’s not to be missed

 Pigeon by Another Day


By CLAUDIA October 26, 2023

Vicente Garcia Morillo and Eugene Serebrennikov, the creative minds behind “Another Day,” have a remarkable talent for turning the mundane into the magnificent by transforming garbage cans into gold, street signs into love letters, and park benches into beacons of light. 

City Light by Another Day

Their first solo exhibition, a mesmerizing short film, and their directorial debut in a showcase aptly titled "A Beautiful Chaos" closes this Friday, October 27 in Brooklyn and is a loving tribute to the city they hold dear to their hearts. A visual exploration of balance in the city of juxtaposition, capturing the essence of a metropolis that simultaneously embodies chaos and harmony, inter-spliced  with their personal experiences navigating the vibrant streets of the city. Another Day's work embraces the beauty in the overlooked and discarded, forging art out of street relics and city objects that are often dismissed as just trash.

Another Day

“This project is so special to us because it's about the city that has captivated us as artists and friends. New York City is our muse and our canvas. Our work attempts to capture the city's beauty amidst all the chaos, ” says Eugene.

Post No Bills by Another Day 

Vicente adds, “we are showing NY through our perspective across multiple mediums, including paintings, three-dimensional sculptures, and experimental creations. Another Day: A Beautiful Chaos is our visual love letter to the city, flaws and all.”

At the heart of "A Beautiful Chaos" lies "AD:BC," a short film that marks Another Day's directorial debut. This innovative cinematic creation weaves together live-action filmmaking, 3D clay animation, 2D illustration, and physical artistry to craft experimental visual narratives. This multifaceted approach seamlessly melds the digital with the physical, creating a visual journey like no other.

Install view

Additionally, the exhibition includes a series of paintings, three-dimensional sculptures, and experimental creations - each piece of art within the exhibit resonates with the pulsating heartbeat of the city, inviting viewers to see the world around them in a different light. The work of Morillo and Serebrennikov serves as a testament to the power of art and the endless creative possibilities that lie in the heart of the city that never ceases to surprise and inspire; reminding us all to seek beauty amidst the chaos of daily life. WM

See the exhibition at:

119 N 1st Street

Brooklyn, NY 11249

(6 space)



 Claudia is an artist and writer born and raised in New York City. 

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