The Front Room is proud to present in Williamsburg

Williamsburg Every Second
Friday October 12th, 7-9
Second Friday Event

The Front Room is proud to present...

Mark Stilwell:
This is the last weekend to see Mark Stilwell's Super Defense Force exhibition, an overwhelming cityscape of Coney Island, overrun by gargantuan monsters.

Patricia Smith:
The Front Room introduces Plot Plan for an Ideal City of One, a limited edition printed map by Patricia Smith.

Smith continues her explorations of psychic dystopia with her new offset print edition, City of One. Designed in the format of a road map, City of One depicts an architectural formation that might have erupted organically from the collective psyche. The sentiments expressed in the text captions will strike a chord with city dwellers everywhere who wage a daily mental battle with forces that threaten their own territorial claims.

City of One is Ms. Smith's first contribution to the Front Room's Multiples and Editions project.

Ethan Crenson:
This Friday, during Williamsburg Every Second, Ethan Crenson plays 78 rpm records from his collection of atomic bomb songs and Cold War classics.

Andrew Macdonald:
Banner Project

Gracing the outside of the gallery is Andrew MacDonald's all-weather banner.

read: James Wagner's impressions of MacDonald's banner.

Williamsburg Every Second is a new monthly event. On the 2nd Friday of each month all Williamsburg Galleries will stay open until 9pm! Some will offer performances and special events. The Front Room is proud to be involved in this WGA event.



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