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Spencer Tunick is Asking Artists to Stop Trump

Artist Kristin Bowler with her painting. Photo by Spencer Tunick.

Whitehot Magazine was sent the following urgent message from artist Spencer Tunick and his wife, artist Kristin Bowler:

Artist friends, acquaintances and strangers. Consider leaving your current aesthetic and take one month of your life and get political with your art.

I’ve done my RNC art action and risked arrest and now I want to take it further and motivate my artist friends to do SOMETHING as well. www.spencertunickcleveland.com Time is running out and now it is time to be activists with your art.

I cannot tell you how much you can make a difference if you put some of your creativity to work to make things, do things and post things to try and stop Trump. This is the election that will most change your lives and your children's lives (future or present) forever. It's more important than the months leading up to Bush vs. Gore or Obama vs. McCain. Under a president Trump, The Supreme Court will swing severely to the right putting immigration reform, the safety of Planned Parenthood, equal rights (and equal pay) for women, environmental regulations and so many more important policies at stake. As for reforming the heinous Citizens United decision under Trump or in the future with a Trump-ruined court, forget it!

There are so many Trump buildings in NY! Confront them visually, confront anything TRUMP. Think of 20 things you can build and carry in front of these buildings. What can you build that 10 people can carry and hold up against the backdrop of one his gaudy structures. Paint your faces, make anti-Trump clothing, fall in front of these buildings. Rise in front of the skyline. Take it a step further and head to a swing state. if you don't want to confront voters, then make art promoting togetherness, community, equality. Don't degrade Trump's physicality--don't drop to his level with your art. Rise above and ignite and enlighten.

Do something that goes beyond posting, and THEN post it. What I'm asking you to do is to mobilize, to make pro-Hillary art, pro-Democrat art...Something. Anything! Just give us a month of your time and energy! The art world will still be there waiting for you when you return to it after the election. You will return to it refreshed.

40 minutes north of NYC Trump signs are popping up. We need you. We have 6 weeks left. Does this email fall on deaf ears, or am I igniting a flame? You can make a difference. Make things, Do things....I will join you, I will fight with you, We are together in this.
#ImWithHer #NeverTrump.

best, Kristin Bowler and Spencer Tunick



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