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24 Involuntary Paintings from Around the World

 Millree Hughes

24 Involuntary Paintings from Around the World


Involuntary Painting is a Facebook Group formed by artist Millree Hughes and poet, artist and musician Paul Conneally. The group asks the question: “With all the changes in Contemporary Art over the last 100 years what (out there, in the world) could be mistaken for a painting?”

Over the past year the group as expanded its Facebook presence to nearly 2000 members and images with the hashtag #involuntarypainting are popping up on other social media sites, including Instagram and Twitter, with hundreds of digital photographs being posted weekly worldwide.

We took a look at the Involuntary Paintings from the past week and selected 24 of our favorites by two-dozen different artists. WM

 Janice Caswell

Pat Whitcomb Yancovitz

Judy Rhee

Natalia Sacasa

Jeff McLennan

Andrea Evans‎

Boz Warnock‎

Liz Vaughn

Saul Ostrow

Blandine Campion

Negar Ahkami‎

Mark Kostabi‎

Sarah Davis

Roman Turovsky

Simone Allard‎

Tinsley Perky

Michelle Mackey‎

Brad Melamed‎

Simon Paris‎

Colin Goodwin

JoAnne Lobotsky‎

Deborah Post Radovsky‎

Paul Conneally



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