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Whitehot Selects: Pratt Institute: Paintings by Melanie Luna


Melanie Luna, ”GNARLY ONE, YES”, Acrylic on mylar, 16x20”, 2019. All photos courtesy of the artist

Pratt Institute has been producing some great young artists. In this portfolio Whitehot Magazine selects our favorite art students from around New York who we feel are the most promising new artists of the future. Here we introduce you to the paintings of artist Melanie Luna.  WM

Melanie Luna, “GET OFF ME HORSE” Acrylic on mylar, 18x24”, 2019

Melanie Luna, ”La Tortura”, Acrylic on mylar, 11x16”, 2019

Melanie Luna, “Tardigrades don’t know shet”, Acrylic on mylar, 60x60”, 2019



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