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01. CSA SPACE | Mike Grill | JUL 13
02. Republic Gallery | Yedda Morrison | JUL 13
04. RICHMOND ART GALLERY | Shift | opening: JUL 12
05. colourschool | events listing | JULY
06. VAG | Tour of House of Oracles by Paul Crowe | JUL 19
08. METIS MEDIA FEST 2007 | A Call to Aboriginal Media Artists
09. Spartacus Books | 57 Varieties unplugged open stage | JUL 17
10. Teck Gallery (SFU Vancouver Campus) | Marianna Schmidt | til AUG 30
11. SFU | CPR Magic Lantern Slides | til AUG 3
12. Window Project | Barb Hunt "Fallen" | til JUL 31, Victoria
13. Or Gallery | Director/Curator Position Available
14. AGYU Call for short videos by students and emerging artists

01. CSA SPACE | Mike Grill | JUL 13

Mike Grill
Recent Photographs

July 13 -- August 26, 2007

Opening Friday, July 13 7-9:30pm
CSA Space
#5 - 2414 Main Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Curated by Steven Tong and Christopher Brayshaw

02. Republic Gallery | Yedda Morrison | JUL 13
Republic Gallery is pleased to present

 Yedda Morrison
 Rapid Motion of the False Stars

Opening reception Friday, July 13th, 7 - 9 pm
Showing July 13th to August 18th

"Rapid Motion of the False Stars" takes as its starting point the
human desire for permanence, a desire made more acute by the
inevitability of our passing. If photography itself is a manifestation
of this desire, our attempt to freeze the passing moment, to arrest or
"still life," plastic flowers are its low-rent corollary. Suspended
mid-bloom and scattered throughout graveyards and empty parlors,
plastic flowers offer the promise of permanent beauty, an eternal
flowering, life ever after. Fake flowers both immortalize and render
static the natural world. As such they articulate a crisis between
beauty and horror, desire and loss, artificiality and "the natural."

Republic Gallery
732 Richards St. Third Floor
Vancouver BC V6B 3A4
604.632.1590 |


Five Humans Share Thoughts People Respond
Ashley Macomber
Ed Templeton
Jo Jackson
Deanna Templeton
Chris Johanson

Saturday July 14th 8pm runs for a month
Antisocial 2425 Main Street 604 708 5678

same night SKATEBOARD DEMO by the RVCA team
Austin Stephens ,Cairo Foster,Ed Templeton ,Kevin Long,Josh
Harmony,Keegan Sauder,Leo Romero

04. RICHMOND ART GALLERY | Shift | opening: JUL 12

Working through Repetition and Difference
July 13 - September 9, 2007
Nora Blanck, Jenny Judge, Sylvia Kind, Philippe Sokazo and Tim van Wijk.

In the exhibition, Shift, Working through Repetition and Difference
five artists explore conceptions of change, repetition and perpetual
production. The works present serial and fastidious activities
exploring transformation over time. Each artist examines individual
concerns that include, but are not limited to, environmental
degradation, ephemerality, permanence, calls for social change and
personal, inward reflection. All of the works have been formed
through laborious processes that are self-evident to viewers. The
labour involved in each instance has strong connections with the body.
In Tim van Wijk's work these connections are realized through viewers
participation with the work as they use their bodies to set the piece
in motion. In serial works such as Imaginings by Jenny Judge, Sylvia
Kind's Openings and Nora Blanck's thread drawings; there is a
relationship to the hand-held object involving an intimate engagement.
When the small individual works are presented as a group they
overwhelm the body with their collective presence. An aspect of
repetition is utilized by all of the artists; in Philippe Sokazo's
paintings he incorporates recurring symbols and personal iconography,
developing connections through repetitions of colour and form. The
idea of repetition also leads to a cyclical understanding of the
works, a revisiting of ideas and processes that invite reflection and
The distinct series of meticulous thread drawings by Nora Blanck
explores notions of beauty and delight, as well as topical issues like
eugenics, genetic engineering and the Nature of Nature. Her works
evoke a sense of delicacy and elegance, recalling traditional women's
craft such as crocheting, needlepoint and lace making.
Sylvia Kind's production of hand-held objects utilizes domestic
processes, repetitive gestures and body rhythms to create an intricate
installation in the gallery. Through the method of hand-felting wool
forms around found rocks, she engages in a continual process of
questioning and reinterpretation of ideas pertaining to loss and
Tim van Wijk's The Landscape Generator is an interactive sculpture,
presenting a hand cranked, shifting image of our changing landscape.
Human intervention on the land is represented through painted and
modeled layers rolling along as though seen through the window of a
car on a road trip. The resulting landscape is a seemingly endless
recombination controlled by the viewer.
Imaginings, a time-based installation by Jenny Judge, covers a large
wall of the gallery with tiny sculptural works that were created
weekly over a year and a half period. The process-oriented pieces
represent a personal shifting and evolution as well as referencing
marginalized art-making practices and perpetual production.
Philippe Sokazo's colourful paintings present a combination of
interpreted and invented landscapes. The artist uses recombinations
and variants of pattern and colour in an articulation of the
responsibility of individuals in contributing to a positive evolution
of society through creative thought and action.
The opening reception will be held Thursday, July 12 from 6:30 –8:30pm
with the artists in attendance. The opening is free and everyone is
welcome to attend. The exhibit is on until September 9, 2007.
Running concurrently is the second annual Artist Trading Card (ATC)
Exhibition July 13 - September 7th. Artists and non-artists have
submitted their ATCs from across Canada and internationally. ATCs are
tiny works of art that are made to trade. There are no restrictions
of medium – materials might involve collage, drawing, painting,
stained glass, metal, wax, computer generated imaging, photography –
the possibilities are endless! ATCs are intended to be a
non-commercial, non-hierarchical avenue for artistic exchange. Cards
are traded one for one and everyone is invited to participate. Some
exhibition participants will be on hand to trade their cards and the
public is invited to create their own cards and come and trade with
them at this free event.
The Richmond Art Gallery holds monthly trading sessions on the 4th
Wednesday of each month from 7-8:30pm. For more information or to get
involved with Artist Trading Cards contact Carie Helm, Curatorial
Assistant at or by phone at 604-247-8317.
The Richmond Art Gallery is located at 180-7700 Minoru Gate in
Richmond. Gallery hours are 10:00am to 6:00pm from Monday to Friday
and 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. For more information
visit our website at

Contact Information:
Curatorial Assistant: Carie Helm
604.231.6457 ext 608 or
Gallery Assistant: Paula Hickey
604.231.6454 or

Paula Hickey
Gallery Assistant
Richmond Art Gallery
tel 604.247.8312

05. colourschool | events listing | JULY
*colourschool open hours | Tues July 17, 31 | 2 to 5 pm

come one, come all. colourschool is open Tuesday afternoons for
browsing and screening.

*life is a musical: an evening in idlewild with Julia Marshburn | Mon
July 16 | 7 pm

Outkast's 2006 musical film, Idlewild, received mixed critical reviews
in the press. For this presentation of the film, colourschool
participants are encouraged to take the film with an ample supply of

* mining for gold with Sara Mameni, Hildegard, and Sophie Brodovitch |
Wed July 18 | 7 pm

For this event, colourschool participants are treated to 2 programs in
one evening! Taking gold, a subset of yellow, as their subject, Sara
Mameni, backed by the musical duo Hildegard, will perform a work that
re-interprets the hue in comic and inventive form. Sophie Brodovitch
will continue investigating gold with a presentation and discussion on
the 1980s' hit television series, The Golden Girls, starring Bea
Arthur, Betty White, and Rue McClanahan.

*white listening lab with Saelan Twerdy | Wed July 25 | 7 pm

This listening lab resumes colourschool's ongoing, aural explorations
of colour with a focus on the colour white. Participants are invited
to bring relevant song titles and or files to the lab for listening
and sharing.

*blackout poetry reading with YOU | Mon July 30 | 7 pm

colourschool presents the first in a series of blackout poetry
readings. Referring to the method of mark-making that creates the
poetry, blackout poems take found texts such as newspapers, magazines,
and spam as their source. Identifying words that have poetic, comic,
or general appeal, poets then "black out" the remaining text in order
to create new works. For this session, participants are invited to
bring and recite their poems. Alternately, poems may be e-mailed to

* about colourschool:

colourschool facilitates an open and transdisciplinary approach to
colour consciousness in the form of lectures, screenings, colloquia,
research, residencies, exhibitions, workshops, and performances over
the course of one academic year from November 2006 to August 2007.

colourschool is open during scheduled programs and at all other times
by appointment. All colourschool programs and facilities are free and
open to the public.
6363 Stores Rd Studio 2A
University of British Columbia
"There is no criterion by which to recognize what is a color, except
that it is one of our colors." Ludwig Wittgenste

06. VAG | Tour of House of Oracles by Paul Crowe | JUL 19
Special Tour

Paul Crowe
Using Chance to Speak with the Spirits:
Divination in Ancient China

Thursday, July 19th at 7:00 pm
at the Vancouver Art Gallery

In conjunction with House of Oracles: A Huang Yong Ping Retrospective
we invite you to join Paul Crowe for a tour that will consider how
Huang Yong Ping incorporates symbols and techniques associated with
Chinese traditions of divination into the creation of his work,
bringing to light shared resonances with postmodern insights into the
nature of self.

Paul Crowe teaches in the Department of Humanities and the Asia-Canada
Program at Simon Fraser University. His research includes the study of
Daoism and Confucianism and concepts of health and the body in
relation to Chinese religio-philosophical discourse. Most recently he
has conducted research into Chinese religions in British Columbia. He
has a deep interest in traditional Chinese approaches to health and
cultivation and has practiced Taiji quan and Daoist meditation for
more than twenty years.

Free with Gallery admission.
For information phone 604-662 4717.

House of Oracles: A Huang Yong Ping Retrospective
Vancouver Art Gallery
April 5–September 16, 2007

The Emily Carr Institute's Summer Institute for Book Arts is pleased
to present Text Form Material Meaning, an exhibition of artist books
and series of panel discussions. Handmade, one-of-a-kind and fine
press books by local and regional artists and writers are featured in
this annual event. Three evening presentations by artists, designers
and collectors will address the way text, form and material work
together to generate meaning. Exhibition and events are free and open
to the public.

Exhibition runs until July 29, 2007 10:00am - 6:00pm daily

Evening Presentations

Thursday July 12, 7-9pm Barbara Hodgson An artist-designer's
experience: from concept to publication
Tuesday July 17, 7-9pm Paul Mazzucca A designer's experience in the
creation of a book
Thursday July 19, 7-9pm Rollin Milroy A publisher's experience -
Finding the text and making it fit
All presentations are at ECI Room 245 at ECI. No fee. No pre-registration.

Concourse Gallery, Emily Carr Institute
1399 Johnston St., Granville Island
Vancouver BC
For information, call Continuing Studies at 604 844 3856 / 604 844
3810 or visit

08. METIS MEDIA FEST 2007 | A Call to Aboriginal Media Artists
Submission Fees - Deadline AUG15, 2007

This is a call for media work (documentary, fiction, comedy, experimental,
video art, performance, music video, animation, graphics, shorts, public
service announcements), in common digital formats such as JPEGs, MP3s, AVIs,
MOVs, DVDs and Audio CDs. This includes work such as photography, video,
radio plays and more. Its easy to participate. CLICK LINK BELOW TO BEGIN

What Does it Mean to be Métis?

The Metis Media Festival seeks to answer the question, "What does it mean to
be Métis?" through the use of live presentations, films, videoconferences
and streaming media, including works from Google Video and YouTube.
The festival embraces a wide variety of expressions, including discussions
of why people of mixed ancestry (European/Aboriginal) may NOT identify
themselves as Métis.

Mixed Blood (European and Aboriginal) Artists from Around the World

The call for submissions is open to all Mixed Blood artists from around the
world. This includes artists from, for example, South America, Australia or
the Philippines, who are descendants of the marriage of European and
Indigenous peoples.

Graham Thompson

09. Spartacus Books | 57 Varieties unplugged open stage | JUL 17
Tuesday, July 17th, 8 'til 10 pm
"57 Varieties" unplugged open stage / variety show
at Spartacus Books (upstairs, 319 W. Hastings @ Cambie)
by donation

This anarchic open stage series urges performers, artists and other such
creative types to come out and workshop the extraordinary -- or merely unusual
-- as demonstrated by host Rowan Lipkovits on his unruly accordion. Anything
and everything can happen here, the more unlikely the better, from music and
poetry through to dance, short plays, juggling, puppetry, and, yea, even (once)
the conducting of a cellphone orchestra. Turn over rocks and revel in the
wriggling of the weirdness beneath!

10. Teck Gallery (SFU Vancouver Campus) | Marianna Schmidt | til AUG 30
Marianna Schmidt: Carnaval Photographs & Paintings
June 25 to Aug 30, 2007
Teck Gallery (SFU Vancouver Campus)
515 West Hastings Street

Please join us for a panel discussion - Marianna Schmidt: Mapping A Life ?
Thursday, July 26 at 7pm (SFU Vancouver Campus, room 1600) Speakers include
Todd Davis, Gordon Payne & Ellen Van Eijnsbergen.

80-page exhibition catalogue: available July 15
with essays by Robin Laurence, Darrin J. Martens, Bill Jeffries;
introduction by Ellen Van Eijnsbergen

Marianna Schmidt?s Latin American photographs constitute the raw material
for many of the forms and gestures that populate her paintings from the
early 1970s to the mid-1990s. The exhibition at the SFU Teck Gallery
includes both the photographs and the resulting paintings, highlighting
Schmidt?s translations from one medium to another.

Carnaval Photographs & Paintings is part of a three-space exhibition in
Vancouver, Burnaby and Coquitlam:

Teck Gallery (SFU Vancouver Campus) - Marianna Schmidt: Carnaval Photographs
& Paintings
June 25 to Aug 30, 2007

Burnaby Art Gallery - Marianna Schmidt: Selected Prints and Drawings
July 10 to Aug 26, 2007. Opening reception Sunday, July 15, 1 ? 3pm.

Evergreen Cultural Centre ? Marianna Schmidt: Mixed Media Works
July 13 to Sept 15, 2007. Opening reception Sunday, July 15, 4 ? 5:30pm

Marianna Schmidt, who lived and worked in Vancouver, BC from the mid-1950s
to 2005, was an accomplished and distinctive modernist. Her creative output
was extensive; in essence, a life?s work that reveals a wide diversity of
styles and techniques.

Soon after Schmidt?s death in May 2005, Robin Laurence spearheaded this
project, inviting the Burnaby Art Gallery (BAG), Evergreen Cultural Centre
(ECC) in Coquitlam and the Simon Fraser University Teck Gallery to
collaborate on a retrospective exhibition of the artist?s work.

The result, after two years of research and documentation, is this series of
three concurrent exhibitions, accompanied by an 80 page book on the artist,
and a panel discussion on her life and work.

Born in Hungary in 1918, Marianna Schmidt fled her country as a refugee in
1944, and spent years in displaced persons? camps in Austria, Germany and
England before immigrating to Canada. Not surprisingly, the most persistent
feelings in her art are those of loneliness, alienation and dislocation.

In her essay for the publication, Robin Laurence writes, ?On occasion,
Schmidt said her life was irrelevant to her art, but she also said, more
frequently and more adamantly, that ŒYou are formed by circumstances.?
Certainly, this is the position for which her art argues. It is almost
impossible to see her imagery without casting over it the light‹and
shadow‹of personal history.?

The Marianna Schmidt retrospective includes work from various sources
including the Burnaby Art Gallery?s permanent collection, extensive holdings
from the Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst
<> (SMAK) in Ghent, Belgium and private
collections. Many are on display for the first time. In total, more than 115
works will be on view at the three galleries.

The exhibitions provide an opportunity for viewers in the Greater Vancouver
area to see an overview of the artist?s creative achievements. It is a
chance to simultaneously examine her images from four decades, and to see
the remarkable variety of work, from prints, drawings, paintings to collages
and photography.

For more information visit these websites:
<> ,
<> and <>

11. SFU | CPR Magic Lantern Slides | til AUG 3
Prints from CPR Magic Lantern Slides, 1885-1930

June 28 to August 3, 2007

Simon Fraser University Gallery, Burnaby Campus

Canada can be a harsh land for nine months of the year. But in the late 19th
and early 20th centuries, slide shows organized by the Canadian Pacific
Railway and the Government of Canada presented the country as a ?land of
milk and honey,? in order to encourage tourism and entice new immigrants.
Those images, especially the ones created by the CPR to stimulate tourism by
train, are the subject of this exhibition of poignant photographs taken in
all regions of the country.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time that Canadian Magic
Lantern material has been exhibited in print form. The digital prints were
made directly from the glass slides by Vancouver artist Michael Lawlor.

Images are available.

The Simon Fraser University Gallery is located at the SFU Burnaby Campus.
8888 University Drive, room AQ3004.
Hours: Tues-Fri 10am-5pm, Sat 12-5pm. Closed holiday long weekends.

Information: 604-291-4266. E-mail:

12. Window Project | Barb Hunt "Fallen" | til JUL 31, Victoria
Window Project
1407 Government St., Downtown Victoria (across from Mountain Equipment
Opens 24 hours

June 29 to July 31, 2007

Barb Hunt "Fallen"

Barb Hunt's art practice is based in textiles, with a focus on the rituals
of mourning, particularly those of Newfoundland. Her current work is about
the devastation of war: knitting antipersonnel land mines in pink wool, and
creating works from camouflage army uniforms. The repetitive nature of
textile work seems to be a common way of coping with grief and loss. Fabric
has associations with bodily protection, and this is a particularly
important role for camouflage uniforms. Hunt uses sewing as a method to
remake fabric from used army fatigues for a new purpose: to mourn the loss
of life during war. This careful sewing also references the fragility and
beauty of the human body, and some traces of specific individuals can be
seen on the fabric. In this work, she is trying to balance my abhorrence for
the cruelty of war with my empathy for the soldier.

Barb Hunt studied art at the University of Manitoba and completed her MFA at
Concordia University, Montreal in 1994. Her work has been shown in solo and
group exhibitions across Canada and internationally. She lives in Corner
Brook, Newfoundland where she teaches at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College,
Memorial University. She has been the recipient of: grants from the Canada
Council for the Arts, the President's Award for Outstanding Research from
Memorial University, and research residencies in Canada, Paris and Ireland.

The artist wishes to gratefully acknowledge the support of Canada Council
for the Arts.

This will be the last show at the current location. Window Project will be
looking for a new exhibition site.

For more info, please contact

13. Or Gallery | Director/Curator Position Available
Or Gallery Director/Curator Position - New Deadline - July 27.

The Or Gallery is now accepting applications for the position of
Director/Curator. NOTE: Application deadline has changed due to scheduling
changes - new deadline is JULY 27, 2007.

The Director/Curator is responsible for all aspects of the gallery
administration as well as its exhibition programming. The position
functions independently of a Board of Directors but is accountable to them.
Working with the Director/Curator is a part time Assistant Director. The
position will be offered on a 2 or 3 year limited contract basis, and will
begin early September, 2007. The salary is $32,000 (CAD).

The tenure of the successful applicant will span the gallery?s
relocation to a new space and neighbourhood, and responsibilities of the new
Director/Curator will include taking a major role in move-related

The Or Gallery is a leading non-profit organization and one of Canada?s
foremost artist run centres. Established in 1983 by Laiwan, past curators
have included Michele Faguet, Sydney Hermant, Reid Shier, Ken Lum, Arni
Runar Haraldsson, Phillip McCrum, Nancy Shaw and Susan Schuppli. Over this
time the Or has continued to support and exhibit artists engaged in a
critical dialogue with local and international contemporary art practice.
The Or is recognized for its experimental, innovative and challenging
programming and for its commitment to Vancouver?s local art community.

The applicant need not have prior curatorial experience but must
a passion for and an extensive knowledge of contemporary art
practices. They
must show strong discursive and fiscal management skills as well as
familiarity with non-profit organizations. Familiarity with Vancouver city
planning and arts capital organizations will be considered an asset.
Knowledge of artist run centres alongside critical and grant writing
experience would also be considered considerable assets.

Interested individuals are asked to submit a current CV (max. 2 pages), a
list of three referees and their email addresses, and letter of interest to
the address below by JULY 27, 2007. The letter of interest should be no
more than one page in length, and should make mention of the applicant?s
exhibition experience, curatorial vision and knowledge of contemporary art
and artist run centres.

We apologize that we cannot reply to all applicants, and only those asked
for interviews will be contacted. No phone calls please.

Hiring Committee
Or Gallery
103-480 Smithe Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 5E4 Canada

Or by email:

Attn: Hiring Committee

14. AGYU Call for short videos by students and emerging artists

The Art Gallery of York University is seeking video submissions by
students and emerging artists for a series of screenings that will
take place at the AGYU in November 2007. This is an open call and we
encourage experimental works and diverse thematic approaches/subject
matter, but works should be no longer than 8 minutes, and should be in
DVD format. Multiple submissions are welcome.

Please drop off submissions to the AGYU offices by September 14th,
2007, or mail submissions to:

Art Gallery of York University
Accolade East Building
4700 Keele St.
Toronto, ON M3J 1P3

Mailed submissions must be postmarked by Sept. 14th, 2007.
Submissions should include: Copy of work with name, address, telephone
number, email, title of work, and running time clearly indicated.
Submissions may also include a CV, bio, or a short description of the
work, but it is not compulsory.

All artists will be contacted via email by early October with full
Programme details and the exact time and date of screenings.

If there are any questions or concerns feel free to contact Darryl
Bank at the gallery by phone at 416.736.5169, or email at

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