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Whitehot Picks: The Locker Room is pleased to announce “Love in the Time of Chaos”

Cloe Galasso, Sublime Sincronizidad, Oil on canvas 43"x23"  

The Locker Room is pleased to announce “Love in the Time of Chaos,” van exhibition of mixed media work which will run February 1st - 29th. This showcase of eight artists explores the many facets of modern love, delving deep into themes of desire, eroticism, and longing as they blend with experiences of internal and global chaos. The opening reception for the show will take place on Thursday, February 1st, 7:00-11:00 PM.

Curator’s Statement:

“This exhibition aims to express present day experiences of love, lust, and longing in their varied forms. As the world stage continues its seeming descent into total chaos, what is one supposed to do with one’s heart? These eight artists put forth possible answers to this question, depicting tender moments of intimacy to tumultuous storms of passion.

Collectively, the show is an invitation for all hearts to celebrate Saint Valentine: the mending hearts, the barely beating hearts, the stone cold hearts, the lonely- but-busy hearts, the clinically-insane-in-love hearts, the overwhelmed hearts, the underwhelmed hearts, and the hopelessly-head-over-heels-go-ahead-and-fuck- my-life-up-in-love hearts.”

Lick My Legs, Caroline Falby, Digital collage, ink, and acrylic on linen, 48"x36"


The Locker Room is a femme-owned creative house that comprises an art collective, a gallery, and recording studio based in Brooklyn, New York, with a medium-uid approach that incorporates visual art, music, performance, fashion, lm, products and pranks. TimeOut Magazine named them Best Gallery in New York City for 2021.

Opening: Reception will be held on Thursday, February 1st, 7-11 PM. Location: 373 South 1st St, Brooklyn NY 11211

PRESS CONTACT: Samara Bliss, Founder of The Locker Room, info@thelockerroomnyc.com




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