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Yayoi Kusama's Iconic Art, "Cosmic Nature" Exhibit to Open at the New York Botanical Garden in April 2021

© YAYOI KUSAMA, Courtesy of New York Botanical Garden 

Via Newsweek FEB 18, 2021

She's been dubbed the "world's favorite artist." But while images of her kaleidoscopic infinity rooms are hot on Instagram, she's no derivative newcomer to the art scene. This Japanese pop-art icon has been creating fresh work since the 1950s, and her creative output hasn't subsided over the decades. Now a nonagenarian who has voluntarily made a home for herself in a Tokyo psychiatric asylum, Yayoi Kusama continues to produce her signature larger-than-life polka-dotted pumpkins, reflective infinity rooms and myriad other pieces that first captivated the world long before social media. This year, shows of her work that had been postponed in 2020 by the pandemic are scheduled to open, including the New York Botanical Garden's much anticipated "Cosmic Nature" exhibit opening April 10th 2021. From Japan's rural islands to Berlin's avant-garde museums, this eccentric master's artwork will be on display all over the world in 2021.



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