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London Launches International Women’s Day with a Groundbreaking Exhibition by Artist Elisa Iannacone

  Elisa Iannacone, Flight and Fight, color photograph

By LAUREN XANDRA, March 2018

International Women’s Day presents a chance to recognize and respond to the diversity of those affected by sexual violence.

Elisa Iannacone has curated an ambitious museum-scale exhibition that will take over London’s iconic OXO Tower Wharf - Bargehouse, a five-story raw warehouse space. Visitors can encounter twenty-five individuals’ personal narratives in coping with sexual assault. The resultant images are not what one would expect -- they resist categorization.

Elisa Iannacone, Circus, color photograph

Iannacone, who herself makes an appearance in the series, was inspired to create the exhibit through her own experience of coping with trauma through art therapy. The highly imaginative images are staged with prop-heavy sets that evoke narrative elements, conjuring childlike dreamscapes and dark fantasy worlds. Each image is anchored in a distinctive colour hue, and the exhibit is curated in accordance with a 24-colour wheel. This creates a spiralling effect: a symbol for the personal process of coping with assault.

Head to the Southbank to discover this bold exhibition championing the power of art to incite change. WM

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Lauren Xandra

Lauren Xandra is Managing Director of L&X, an arts and luxury marketing firm. Based between London and Zurich, she can be contacted at lauren@lxconsultancy.com. 


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