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Highlights from PLAYBOY Sexier at Home: 1960s Playmates

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By WM, May 2020




Photograph by John Pownall for PLAYBOY

November 1962 Playmate Avis Kimble, photographed above by Jon Pownall, was quite a busy bee: When she wasn’t modeling or studying to become a designer at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she might have been found working variously as a photo stylist, a poet or a budding ballet dancer. Here, Kimble takes a break from her packed schedule. Unless you’re aiming for the herculean energy of a model-designer-stylist-poet-ballerina during your stay-at-home days, we recommend scaling back the caffeine by trying decaf coffee or herbal tea instead.

Photograph by Mario Casilli for PLAYBOY

”I hate to pass my weekends sleeping,” said April 1964 Playmate Ashlyn Martin, seen in the above shot by Mario Casilli. The Los Angeles transplant may have had a tough time with quarantine; her social life was filled with bright lights, sports cars and friendly banter. But she has the right idea here: If you’re lonely, pick up the phone. Need a gossip topic? Tune in to Tiger King and then call your friends to dish about all the cool cats and kittens on the show.

Photograph by Mario Casilli for PLAYBOY

Lonely during quarantine? This could be the perfect time to adopt a furry friend! Kittens and puppies can a handful and need lots of care and attention when they’re young. If you’re stuck at home anyway, it could be the ideal time to potty-train your new best friend. (Before making any commitments, be sure your lifestyle will still be conducive to caring for your new buddy when things return to normal.) Belgium-born June 1965 Playmate Hedy Scott liked to snuggle, but accustomed as she was to a nomadic lifestyle of living out of her suitcase, she probably wasn’t the best candidate for cat mom. Still, she makes a great cuddle buddy for a day, shot here by photographer Mario Casilli.

Photograph by Dwight Hooker for PLAYBOY

Just weeks after September 1969 Playmate Shay Knuth completed a 2,100-mile road trip from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin to Mexico City accompanied by her cat, the kitty went missing. Knuth, who was the first Bunny hired at the Lake Geneva Playboy Club-Hotel, is seen here scrapbooking in a shot taken by Dwight Hooker. (Cat obviously not pictured.) Knuth certainly had plenty to document—the former VIP Room Bunny studied Spanish while living in Mexico City; after her visa for Mexico expired, she planned to become a Bunny at the London club. We’re sure Hef, an avid scrapbooker, would have approved.

Photograph by Pompeo Posar for PLAYBOY

Longtime Playmate photographer Pompeo Posar captures January 1965 Playmate Sally Duberson diving into the Sunday comics. (Duberson also worked as a Bunny at both the Miami and Baltimore clubs.) “I work up to the editorial page eventually, but mornings wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t start out with Peanuts,” said the aspiring designer and descendant of President James Monroe. We understand completely. Check out Playboy’s Cartoon of the Week if you need your fix of funnies.

Photograph by Pompeo Posar for PLAYBOY

August 1964 Playmate China Lee enjoyed being active and on the go; she was the first Bunny of the Month featured in the Playboy Club magazine VIP. When she wasn’t busy with her duties training Bunnies throughout the Playboy Club empire, the Chicago native liked to bowl (she scored a 217 at the age of 13), ride horses, swim and play softball. In fact, Lee led the New York Bunny softball team to the Broadway Show League championship with her pitching skills. Pictured here in a shot by lensman Pompeo Posar, Lee unwinds by a roaring fire. If the spring heat is picking up in your area, consider cozying up to your A/C vent instead. WM 


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