January 2008, Holy Shit FRENCH BOHEMIANS!

Hey all,
Bohemian Inc. is starting 2008 with a kick ass party in Madrid.
I havent djed since last year july and I'm uber excited about
finally bringing Bohemian Inc. to Spain where I live now.

I know that some of you arent obviously in Madrid, but if you have
buddies there please forward our flyer! We would be super super thankful! Probably all the madrileƱos are like "who are those french bohemians?" but with a little help of you our friends they'll be like "Holy shit! FRENCH BOHEMIANS!"

anyways, gros bisous and thank yous

Gala Knorr

Gala Knörr was born in 1984 in the Basque Country, Spain. She lived in London during her last two High School years, and coursed her studies in Art & Design in Richmond University in London for a year. The following year she moved to Paris and graduated from Parsons School of Design with a BFA Fine Arts. In the past four years in Paris she has been involved in various art shows as an artist and curator. She also started the DJ collective "Bohemian Inc." famous for celebrating the neverending life of rock & roll music, and became part of "Team Lofi" (an International Photo Collective that uses vintage cameras). On April 2007, her first solo art show "TURN ON TUNE IN" opened its doors with great success. In words of Calvin Johnson (K Records founder & Beat Happening's famous baritone) "all of Paris is weeping because it has been too many centuries of hard work to attract a Gala Knörr to it's shores, now the time has come and such a relief is felt, deep inside." Currently Knörr lives and works between southern Spain and the french capital. gala_knorr@mac.com

Website: http://web.mac.com/gala_knorr

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