Curator Profile: Hash Halper Spreads His Wings


By PHIL V, SEPT. 2014

If you've been on the art scene over the past few years, chances are you've been asked the provocative question Art, "Ask me Why?". As an avid supporter of fine art by artists of various mediums and ages, Hash Halper has been spreading his wings as a young curator, with some of the finest shows around NYC. Hash's debut show "Old York Road", at White Box, in 2010, featured the likes of Renee Cox, Theodore Richards & Anthony Haden-Guest to name a few. Major exhibitions like this were a sign of the great things to come from Hash. As an artist and writer himself, originally from North East Philadelphia, Hash's more recent shows have featured the likes of ClockWorkCros,The LoveChild, Jessica Bajoros, Nicole Wittenberg, Boris Bernard, Noah Becker and even myself. Hash, an enthusiastic, charsamatic, and sometimes infamously outspoken yet sophisticated curator of arts & culture has made his mark, with over 10 shows and more in the works.

Locations of some of his exhibits include The Chelsea Hotel, Bond Real Estate in Tribeca, Noho's Chalkboard Tee and The Brewster Carriage House in Nolita. I found out, from the man himself, his thoughts on the art scene and what he's looking to offer. His current show entitled "A La' Mode" is at J'Adore Clic, located in at 255 Centre street in Soho opening Sept. 8th 2014.

Phil V: What inspires you to be a curator?

Hash Halper: I grew up around the art of my grandmother, Estelle Halper. When I moved to New York, I brought as much of my departed grandmother's art collection as I could and began creating art salons - the art had to be saved.

PV: What makes your shows distinctive?

HH: I curate the most culturally & ethnically diverse group of artists in New York City, which creates a dynamic show. I combine the hottest emerging artists with established ones.

PV: What's something one may not be familiar with about you?

HH: That I also create art of my own, which has been featured in the Paris Review and the Huffington Post and that I write articles about art openings in New York City.

PV: Art, Why?

HH: Creating meaning and beauty out of one's life and the universal situation.

PV: Whats one of your fondest memory of the NYC art scene?

HH: The Brucennial, when my video art piece was featured on the Huffington Post. It showed me that art was an effective way of communicating to the future generation.

PV: How has that impacted you as a curator?

HH: It allows me to focus on contributing to an already evolving downtown art community.

PV: Of your shows, which has been the most memorable so far?

HH: Clockwork Crosby's first solo show titled Breaking Bread, at Kossar's Bailys in the Lower East Side.

PV: why?

HH: The show was about inspiring individuals who broke bread with humanity. Crosby is from the Lower East Side which made it even more significant.

PV: Last words?

HH: Go see the current show at J'adore Clic at 255 Centre street NYC open Sept. 8th called A la Mode! This group exhibition is open through the 14th. WM





Phil V

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