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The New York Opening of Tom Sanford: 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall at Gitler_& Gallery

 Gallerist Avi Gitler and Artist Tom Sanford

Artists Chambliss Giobi, Jason Covert and Donna Goldman

Artists Eric Doeringer, William Powhida and Josh Jordan

Artist Tom Sanford, Collectors Steven Hilger, Lauren Adams, Justin Pearlman and Artist Bill Powhida

Artist Wei Xiaoguang

Collector Alex McKinnis

Collectors Hubert Neumann and Alison Katz Wolfson with Artist Michael Bevilacqua 

Galerist Avi Gitler, Tom Sanford, Freight and Volume Gallerist Nick Lawrence and Artist Chris Bors

Harpoon Brewmaster Al Marzi, Tom Sanford, and Harpoon Marketing Genius Liz Melby

Installation View 

The Crowd at Gitler_& 

The Crowd at the Opening

Tom and Alex Sanford

Tom Sanford's Installation



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