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March 2012: Opening of David Lynch @ Jack Tilton Gallery

David Lynch explains his work , all photos in this article are by Michael Anderson, courtesy Jack Tilton GalleryDavid Lynch, Boy's Night Out

David Lynch, All I want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth, all photos in this article are by Michael Anderson, courtesy Jack Tilton Gallery

Animal Psychic Madrette

Art Historian Laetitia Barbier

Artist Jessica Lagunas and Tilton Gallery's Vanessa Caldas

Artist Michael Allan

Artist Musician Hinako Sato

Artist and Whitehot Publisher Noah Becker

Artist Rebecca Parks-Ramage

Art maven Rakien

Claudia Glasser

Collector Vesna

The crowd at the David Lynch opening

The crowd at the David Lynch opening

David Lynch

David Lynch

Designer Youco Harada

Designer/Director Jasmin Idun Lyman

David Lynch, Duckman's Injury

Fashionista Santaniello Marco

David Lynch, Fisherman's Dream

Gallerie Gmurzynska's Isabelle Bscher and Marco Perego

Joseph Mendez and Hooman Merhan

Line in front of Tilton Gallery

Lynch Fans Samantha Thomas, Alena Goldstein and Sierra DeCrosta

Lynch Fan, Artist Vallory Grant

Models Drew Sloat and Catlin Sloat

Novelist Joshua Baldon Curator Kendra Sullivan Artist Michelle Levy Artist Dylan Gauthier

Patrica Grisafi and Scott Goldstein

Performance Artist Camila Caneque

Photographer Agnes Thor

Photographer Natasha Ryan

Screen Writer/Fan Simon M. Rove

David Lynch, Two Tongue Johnny

Artist Songe Riddle

Curator Robert G. Edelman and Rifka Milder


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