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Photos from the LA MOCA Gala

 Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves



Here are some photos from the star-studded MOCA Gala at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. WM


Mary Weatherford and Andrea Bowers

Shumalit Nazarin

MOCA Director Johanna Burton

Terri Smooke

Doug Aitken, Catherine Opie

Maria Seferian and Richard Dabo

Roxana Landaverne and Charles Gaines


Meeson Jessica Pae 

Guest and Anat Egbi 

Belen Pineiro


Sophia Cohen


Trulee Hall and Blair Saxon-Hill

 Beth Rudin DeWoody

Cole Sternberg and Kelsey Lee Offield


Keni Silva



Eric Minh Swenson

Eric Minh Swenson is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker and photographer who documents the arts and culture of Southern California, including arts in many communities throughout the country. He has filmed numerous documentaries on artists, exhibitions, and cultural events. He documents art openings and exhibitions. He focuses on process, concept and craft in his films, while finding humor and essence in his subjects.

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