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Actor/collector Ben Stiller

Artforum's Knight Landesman

Jeff Koons and two of his sons

Artist Mark France and lawyer Mick Peters

Artist Mark Kostabi

Artist Mike Cockrill

Artist and publisher Noah Becker with artist/writer Anthony Haden Guest and writer Linda Yablonsky

Collector Alberto Mugrabi

Collectors Dakis and Lietta Joannou

Collectors Donna and Howard Stone

Collectors Norman and Nora Stone

Collectors Stone and Joannou

Friend with dealer Tony Shafrazi

Friend with collector JP Brask

Gagosian Koons opening

Gagosian Koons opening

Guest at the opening

Hirshorn museum director Richard Koshalek

Jeff Koons mother

Jeff Koons sculpture

Koons sculpture

Koons installation

Koons King Kong

Larry Gagosian

Opening party (Zwirner)

Opening party

Crowd at the opening

Gallerist Seth Sgorbati

Tennis champ and collector John McEnroe

The lineup outside Zwirner

The lineup outside Gagosian

The line outside the gallery

Warhol Museum director Eric Shiner

Whitney Museum of American Art director Adam Weinberg

Artist's Studios director Jill Conner with artist/publisher Noah Becker and artist Dianne Bowen




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