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September 2012: PHOTOS: Richard Phillips Opening @ Gagosian Gallery

Performer and Model Sasha Grey with Artist Richard Phillips

Artist Richard Phillips

Collector Jim Hunt

Artist Annika Connor and friend

Collector Dave Fessler

Artist Adam Stennett

Friend and Emerald Fitzgerald

Guest at Gagosian

Artist EVA

Artist Gianluigi Colin and Photographer Brigitte Niedermair

Artist John Currin and artist Sarah Morris

Artist Noah Becker

Friend with the New York Observer's Dan Duray and painter Les Rogers

Curator Ann Huntington

Ellen Yustas K. Gottlieb aka Paul Jasini

Curator Susi Kenna

Designer Johan Lindberg and Daughter

The crowd at Gagosian

Guests at Gagosian Gallery

Guests at Gagosian Gallery

Friend with artist Nate Lowman, friend and artist Dustin Yellin

Guests at Gagosian Gallery

Friend and friend with Hannah Flegelman and artist Noah Becker

Whitney Director Adam Weinberg with Amy and John Phelan

Guest at Gagosian Gallery

Guests at Gagosian Gallery

Musician Michael Stipe

Friend with actor Waris Ahluwalia

Guests at Gagosian Gallery

Guest at Gagosian Gallery

Artist Sean Landers

Musician Questlove

Sculptor LeRone Wilson with Graffiti Legend Lee Quinones

Some bad girls at the opening

The crowd at Gagosian

The crowd at Gagosian

Village Voice Writers J. Pablo and Last Call Steeve


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