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Donald Trump Signs Executive Order Banning Artists Over 40 From Having Art Careers.

 The order also prevents artists over 40  from stating their opinions on the social media pages of successful artists and critics.



An executive order was signed in Washington banning all contemporary artists over the age of 40 from being considered as serious working artists or having any career in art. The order also bans any artist without a major dealer representation from commenting on social media posts by or about successful artists. "These people have had their day, it's time to think about getting a job at Wal Mart," the President said.

“It’s about time we prevent these old hangers on from ruining the dialogue,” a curator from an unnamed New York museum said. “Just when serious people are getting into good conversations on Facebook, some over 40 artist in the fly-over states comments with a happy face, it’s maddening.”

“These people go through life making art but once they are over 40 they have the career plague.” Marsha McAllister, the director of Good Times Framing in Teaneck, NY said. “You can get a new career happening like Grandma Moses or Carmen Herrera but those ladies are like Whistler’s mother, they’re as ancient as Methusela,” McAllister said, "Who can wait that long?"

“Young artists are the only ones getting any respect or hype in New York,” said Wanda McMahon a 23-year-old student at Columbia University’s MFA program. “That’s why I went to this art school, because I’m a young artist and this is where the dealers look for us - knowing how to paint or draw is not needed and totally old-timey.”

"Artists over 40 need to stop pushing a dream, they’re losers, they’re delusional, they never had a big career, they will never be Basquiat,” said Stephen Miller, President Donald Trump's senior advisor for policy.

Miller cited artists who live in and outside of New York as the problem; artists who just don’t know when to hang it up.

“Where are these people’s dealers?” The leader of the free world was quoted as saying. “We Americans have had enough of these old washed up artists who never made it, young artists of any kind or any skill set are what we need to focus on as a country." WM



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