June Art Fair is pleased to announce that its second annual edition will take place online from August 20-31.

  Detail of Eva LeWitt presented by VI, VII, Oslo

By DARYL KING August, 2020

June Art Fair is pleased to announce that its second annual edition will take place online from August 20-31.

June Art Fair is part of a higher call for the oldest art institutions to avoid egoism and help local communities.  There is a distinct line between the celebrities of the art industry and people on the ground.  June Art Fair promises to explore spatial relationships: inclusion and exclusion; the mainstream and the margins.  It was started as an independent project initiated by galleries VI, VII, based in Oslo and Christian Andersen, Copenhagen. Andersen was available to answer a few questions, and his responses mostly emphasized equity. 

What are the three leading institutions going to contribute to this effort moving forward?

June has invited the participating galleries and will help them present their projects in the best and most engaging way.  Hauser & Wirth is sharing its network and its audience, as well as its platform — they are providing the technical capabilities to present these projects.  ArtReview will also share its network and will help introduce artists and their practices to a wider audience via special editorial content, including panel discussions and deeper looks at some of the artist's works. 

Many galleries have transferred their operations online as a response to Covid-19.  This immediately reminded me of when editors Ronald Kolb, Ella Krivanek, Camille Regli, and Dorothee Richter discussed how small businesses can adapt to new circumstances.

They were focusing on highlighting the creation of new platforms to address, many of which June Art Fair tackle with.  What’s so unique about this art fair, as opposed to one of the many? If you didn’t take a class with the famous art professor and knew how to network well, you probably had a rough time in the New York art industry. 

How will Artreview and Hauser be sharing responsibility?

Hauser & Wirth is hosting the fair with a dedicated page on its website. ArtReview will publish editorial content on the artists and their projects.  

Who doesn’t want to develop a way for the production process to support its own economics?  June Art Fair sees itself a way to provide “an alternative to a conventional art fair…highly-selective, intergen­erational.”  We need to create and define a communal ideal for the art industry.  Lack of centralization, outside of the inner circles of New York City, leaves many people vaguely wandering around in search of the art community. WM


Daryl King

Daryl King is an architecturally influenced artist, based in Brooklyn, New York. His passion for art and architecture is only matched by an equal interest in food. He is the founder and director of 国王roi, kokuo roi, an ever expanding firm that consumes everything around it and regurgitates it out in the form of something spectacular. With plans for future discussions, events, exhibitions, and some non-profit work, Daryl is inspired to make his immediate environment quintessential in some way; however, he is greatly distracted by listening to music, playing PS3, and streaming media online.

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