Circulations, Press release: ZAK gallery Berlin 2007 Opening reception on Friday, 09th of November, 7 pm

Dorota Buczkowska „ Die Zirkulationen“

November 10 – December 21, 2007

Opening reception on Friday, 09th of November, 7 pm

The artist will be present.

One knows: Everything flows and everything is connected. We speak about the wing beat of a butterfly, which provokes a hurricane 5000 miles further. Tiny atoms that leak from an old aerosol can rip small fractures in the ionosphere above the poles. Making the acquaintance of a person causes, under lucky circumstances, a surge of serotonin and adrenalin and results as a consequence in sleepless nights. Most of these labyrinthine circuits are barely comprehensible for us. Such insights became part of our common knowledge, nevertheless the actual processes remain invisible and abstract.

For several years the Polish artist, Dorota Buczkowska has been engaged with the fascinating phenomena of complex systems. In imaginative drawings she generates a curious inner life for human organisms and objects. With almost scientific detail the series of paintings “Climatisation” shows intricate meteorological phenomena. However the apparent technical appearance is merely a thin coating, as her canvases and video-works bespeak a hidden and mysterious world that can not be fathomed by research and science. It is not by accident that her most recent series "Two Years in the Clouds" was inspired by the story of three explorers, who shipwrecked at their attempt to fly over the North Pole in a hot-air balloon.

Buczkowska’s works articulate the deeply human impulse to track down connections, of the desire to explore earth and skies, and to conquer them. She confronts these aims with the notion of an immutable, yet obscure, and intricate nature that preserves in itself a superior beauty.

The exhibition shows a selection of these works and so represents the versatility of the artist, who moves fluently between such different media as painting, video, installation, drawing and sculpture.

Dorota Buczkowska was born in 1971 in Warsaw, Poland. She lives and works in France and Poland.

The exhibition has been curated by Kasha Bittner.

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