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Photos from the opening of Mi Ju "Nest" at Freight and Volume

Artist Paul Brainard

Artist Rebecca Goyette

Artists Amanda Browder and Kristen Schiele

Animal Psychiatrist and Artist Lisa Levy

Artists Amy Berger and Jean-Pierre Roy

Freight & Volume Gallerist Nick Lawrence

Mi Ju enjoying her opening

Painter Alfred Steiner and Lawyer Elizabeth Roff

Painter and Whitehot Publisher Noah Becker

Painter Dawn Frasch

Painter Erik Den Breejen

Painter Loren Munk (aka James Kalm)

Painter Mi Ju

Projects Director Kevin Kay

The Crowd at the Opening



Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson makes collages from international street posters and moonlights as an art paparazzi at Whitehot Magazine. Check out his work at www.chamuconegro.com

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