Give me back my artworks, says 'Merchant of Death' freed by US prisoner swap

via The Telegraph:

Viktor Bout, the Russian arms dealer, has demanded the return of his artwork and documents produced during his time in a high-security US prison. A cat bound in chains, a portrait of himself behind bars and a pair of kissing monkeys are included in the series of paintings and drawings. "I hope that all his documents and drawings will be handed over to the Russian embassy soon," his wife, Alla Bout, said.

Bout was traded in a prisoner swap for Brittney Griner, the US basketball star, on Thursday. He was serving a sentence at a federal prison in Illinois following his arrest in 2008 for attempting to sell weapons to Colombian rebels. Bout said he felt terrible after his long prisoner swap journey and had not slept for three days.

"Viktor Anatolyevich feels terrible, he is really exhausted," Mrs Bout said. She expressed gratitude for how the Americans treated her husband during the prisoner exchange. 

"He said he was grateful to the American side for feeding him. He said he hasn't eaten as much for the last 12 years. He was treated well, with respect, he wasn't shackled or in handcuffs."

The exchange was the most high-profile prisoner swap between the US and Russia for years. READ MORE


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