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Artists Over 40 Forced to Eat Human Flesh to Survive Current Art Market

The loving cup is made from the skin and hair of young artists., its nectar makes branded galleries return emails. The ritual includes stalking Whitney Biennial curators.  Artist Noah Becker discovered this system when he coined the term "Zombie Formalism" years ago.  Image courtesy of Antonio Cascos Chamizo


NEW YORK, Sept. 2017 

Visual artists over 40 working in all styles have been forced to eat each other’s flesh to survive the current art market. Reports from several major curators have confirmed this fact. This after a number of gallery closings in NYC over the past year and many artists changing their art practices. "Artists who once made paintings have stopped and just do a lot of social media posts against Donald Trump now," says  Bubba Richter, the love child of Gerhard Richter and Miley Cyrus.

Human flesh is a delicacy in many countries and may be a good protein source for artists working in performance, installation and other forms inside and outside the commercial gallery system.

Slow sales for artists not working in abstraction has also fed the need for human flesh as a dietary supplement. WM



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