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March 2013: The Exhibition of Joseph Arthur and Youngho Kim @ Able Fine Art

"Emblematic Truth"

The Exhibition of Joseph Arthur and Youngho Kim.

March 28 - April 16

Able Fine Art NY Gallery
511 West 25th Street
Suite #507
Chelsea, NY 10001

Able Fine Art NY Gallery is pleased to present the original works of Joseph Arthur and Youngho Kim. Arthur and Kim use art as a vehicle to explore their inner imagination and to express both their inner selves and philosophical thought about the nature of life. Through their different stylistic techniques in line and form, Arthur and Kim create movement in their works. Kin's approach to art focuses primarily on black and white aesthetics. He builds layers of depth through the gradations created by acrylic paint. Arthur's work focuses on a range of colors, lines, and shapes built from mediums such as water, paint, ink and charcoal. The use of various mediums helps illustrate his spiritual quest to uncover the truth.


Arthur's recent appearance on Letterman:

Joseph Arthur and Jeff Ament's new band RNDM:

RNDM, Williamsburg:

photographs in this article taken by Spencer Tunick.





Spencer Tunick

Spencer Tunick is a New York based artist-photographer.

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