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Emmett Till Memory Project

This sign was placed here in April 2008 by the Emmett Till Memorial Commission (ETMC). As the bullet-filled sign makes apparent, the ETMC’s attempt to commemorate the murder of Emmett Till with roadside markers has been met with vandalism. Image courtesy of  the Emmett Till Memory Project, photo: Dave Tell  

Documentation by the Emmett Till Memory Project 


The Emmett Till Memory Project site has important information and photographs tracing the events surrounding this hate crime and murder.

From the site: 
"The Emmett Till Memory Project is a website and smartphone app designed to commemorate the death and memory of Emmett Till. The Project uses Google’s Field Trip app to focus on fifty-one sites in and around the Mississippi Delta that played a significant role in the memory of Emmett Till’s murder. Field Trip is a location-based smartphone app that allows people to learn new stories about the history and memory of Emmett Till’s murder—stories that, in some cases, have never yet been told—from the very places where they happened." WM




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