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LOS ANGELES, Silver Lake Gallery Alliance announces "East of Eden", September 19 - 21, 2008

East of Eden

Silver Lake Gallery Alliance announces East of Eden, the first annual

Multi-gallery exhibition celebrating the contributions of Eastside galleries

September 19-21, 2008

at Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery (LAMAG)


For immediate release: Los Angeles – The exhibition will focus on contributions of Los Angeles Eastside galleries, the cultures from which they draw inspiration and the region itself as an important source for contemporary art.


This will be a unique opportunity for patrons, collectors and the public to view and purchase exemplary new works by emerging and established artists who are indicative of the significant contemporary art being fostered in this region. While there is no over arching critical doctrine that unites these galleries philosophically, they are indicative of new generation of a new determining gallery culture and share in the inherent formative energy that has resulted in a significant strain of art in Los Angeles.


Exhibition organizer Zara Zeitountsian notes: "We are really looking forward to this exhibition because for the first time the public is going to experience in a central location the concentration of artistic creativity. Because there is no central hub, the public doesn't normally have the opportunity see the full picture of what's going in our neighborhood. I think people will be surprised by the scope of the work. I predict it's going to be a major event that will have historical implications for the future of Los Angeles art and how the East Side is perceived."


Participating Galleries Include:

La Luz de Jesus, Barnsdall Art Center, Black Maria, drkrm Gallery, Gallery Revisited, Ghetto Gloss, Junc Gallery, Materials & Applications, Metro Gallery, Thinkspace, Bank, Subliminal Projects, Acuna Hansen, and De Soto. The exhibition will also include specially curated project rooms and host lectures throughout the three-day event and is co-sponsored by LAMAG, Los Angeles City Council and its president, Eric Garcetti and Silver Lake Gallery Alliance. 


About the Silver Lake Gallery Alliance:

The Silver Lake Gallery Alliance (SLGA) is a partnership of galleries located in the Boroughs surrounding the Silver Lake Reservoir. The SLGA was formed to create active support and collaboration amongst its members, in order to further the region as an important destination showcasing the next generation of leaders in contemporary art. SLGA will ensure a dynamic, evolving methodology to a rapidly evolving artistic landscape within our community and beyond.
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