DRIP EVENT (for George Brecht)

DRIP EVENT (for George Brecht)
DRIP EVENT (for George Brecht)

With arrangements by: Miles Ake, Olivian Cha,
Sharon Cheslow, Katie Herzog, Kelly Kleinschrodt,
Elana Mann, Alison O’Daniel, Adam Overton,
Nancy Popp, Vincent Ramos, and Mark So
Curated by Natilee Harren

Friday, September 21st
Reception 7pm, Performances 8pm

PawnShop is pleased to present DRIP EVENT (for George Brecht), an evening
of realizations of Drip Music, the influential event score of Fluxus
artist George Brecht.

Brecht’s minimal and enigmatic event scores are designed to be interpreted
and enacted by the viewer according only to the limits of the imagination.
Beginning in the early 1960s, they were sent to friends through the mail,
included in Fluxus publications, and collected in boxed editions. Whether
imperative or merely propositional, they are open and generative,
embodying the potential for an immense range of actions to take place in
their wake. Brecht is a crucial figure in the history of Fluxus for his
dedicated experimentations with the event score format, including his
famous Drip Music:


For single or multiple performance.

A source of dripping water and an empty vessel are
arranged so that the water falls into the vessel.

Second version:  Dripping

G. Brecht

When discovered by George Maciunas, Drip Music was immediately
incorporated into the repertoire of Fluxus concerts. It appeared in the
premiere Fluxus concert in Wiesbaden, Germany in September 1962 and
remained on the festival program as it traveled to Copenhagen, Paris,
Düsseldorf, and Amsterdam. Drip Music became a natural emblem for Fluxus
as the word “flux” not only means movement and change but also fluidity,
flowing, or more specifically a fluid’s rate of flow. The score calls the
viewer to recreate it again and again, to flesh out a landscape of
inextinguishable possibility. In this way the multitude of performances
unleashed by Drip Music resembles the repetitious image of dripping, as if
they might be thought of together as one extended performance—a rhythmic
dripping, irritating yet compelling, that will never end.

Unlike historic Fluxus performances in which a work would appear once on
the program, during DRIP EVENT (for George Brecht) only Drip Music will be
presented, each performer offering his or her unique interpretation as
part of a collective exploration of the infinite potential of the score.
On view in PawnShop’s East Gallery will be Kelly Kleinschrodt’s balloon
(2005), a digital video that has been appropriated and reframed as an
iteration of Drip Music.


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