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LAZZARO_art doesn’t sleep

Photograph by Patrick Gallagher.

By WM, May 2020

From the press release: 

Sunday, May 17th at 10:30 pm

A group exhibition of artists based in Rome and in New York with simultaneous projection on the buildings of the two cities.

From an idea by Laura Mega

A project curated by Claudia Pecoraro

We will remember forever these months of forced suspension, between the emptiness and the call to life, between solitude and sprawling hyper-connection. In this period the artists have not stopped producing and looking inside and outside of themselves. They have become something else while remaining themselves.

In this short historical time in which the world has been irremediably redesigned, important is the vision of those who redesign the world by profession and vocation. While museums and galleries are forced to keep their doors closed, art is awake and alert, showing itself to the city. 

LAZZARO project showcased the art that does not sleep, and is not afraid to show fear. The project was born from a collaboration between the visual artist Laura Mega and Claudia Pecoraro, curator and researcher based in Rome.

This event included international artists based in Rome and New York City (15 per city) who have been asked for images of works created during the lockdown. All the images were part of the one-night group exhibition projected on the buildings of Rome and in other italian cities on Sunday, May 17th at 10.30 pm and, the same day, at 10:30 pm in New York considering the time zone. 

The intent is to expland the netwok in a globally open call. We asked to anyone with a projector – people, associations, public or private institutions - to place their projectors out of their windows and project onto the walls of the buildings in front of them. The idea was to invade Inhabited streets, squares, courtyards, gardens, monuments… all public spaces that have been forced into silence during this period.

LAZZARO_art doesn’t sleep is a community project, born from two people but grown dramatically in recent days, with the enthusiasm of artists, friends, professionals in the sector, people known and unknown. In these months, in which we have enjoyed hundreds of direct, virtual tours to museums, art pills of all kinds, we offered a moment of relief, of renewed gaze, towards the world and towards ourselves, to be enjoyed looking out the windows with a glass of wine in hand, with our companions, with the children, with the cat, alone. 


Andreco - Navid Azimi Sajadi - Tomaso Binga - Tommaso Cascella - Leonardo Crudi - Alessandra De Cristofaro - Davide Dormino – Diamond - Alessandro Ferraro - Kawamura Gun - Laura Mega - Luca Padroni - Francesco Petrone - Giò Pistone - Paola Romoli Venturi - Sibomana

Photographic Intro Roma: Dario Coletti


Noah Becker - Angelica Bergamini - Billy The Artist - Craig Collins - iena cruz - Rodolfo Edwards - Duy Hoàng - Chris Klapper & Patrick Gallagher - Yvette Molina - Libby Schoettle - poieverywhere (Yusuke Ochiai) - Streetfauna
Photographic Intro New York: Mila Tenaglia WM

Photograph by Aureliano VeritaÌ.

Work by Mila Tenaglia. Photograph by Patrick Gallagher.

The Occasional Thief. Projection by Donato Simone and Riccardo.


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