Pictures From a Pandemic: Photographers Layla Love and Rachel Crane Document Hawaii's Heartening Signage

Photograph by Rachel Crane.


Kauai, an island in the Hawaiian archipelago with a population of 70,000 plus, is known as “The Garden Island” for the tropical rainforest that covers it and its economic engine is tourism. Meaning right now: Zip. Four young men hanged themselves there in the first week of May, prompting an article headed "Hawaii’s Mental Health Care Crisis," within which Todd Raybuck, the island’s police chief, said Covid-19 was maybe the “straw that broke the camel’s back”. Layla Love, the photo journalist and art photographer, lives on the island and she and photographer Rachel Crane have been taking pictures of the signs that began going up a week ago. WM

40 Seconds, Photograph by Layla Love.

Photograph by Rachel Crane.

Your Story, Photograph by Layla Love

Anthony Haden-Guest

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