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Artist Profile: This is how I met Cynthia Parsons McDaniel

 A Glance thru the News, Collage by Cynthia Parsons McDaniel


By MARCARSON June, 2023

Was it the Frick Madison or the original Frick, can't recall? This is where I met Cynthia Parsons McDaniel, it's all a blur. A very eccentric and mysterious person with a very successful career in film and television. McDaniel also studied at University of London, Northeastern University, National Academy Museum School, Museum of Natural History and the Center for Italian Modern Art with an interest in photography. Words alone cannot give you the full impact or depth of McDaniel's personality, so we will keep this intro short and look forward to a full dive into Cynthia Parsons McDaniel the enigma. 

The piece above is called "A Glance thru the News" and tells the love story of two newspaper journalists 100 years ago in Paris. One lived in Rome, and the other in Paris. They would meet from time to time in either city and go to the park, wrapping themselves in newspapers like a little hut.

The materials used are all 100 years old, including the fasteners and the tacks mounted on small canvases, using vellum and vintage postcards and newspaper typeface. McDaniel told me, "I work in the medium of visual storytelling using collage, video, and illustrations with limited text. Having a strong interest towards the history of New York and Europe, I incorporate images from the past with thoughts from the present. History is always repeating itself. I like to use various types of paper and typeface. Each image tells a story, both historic and modern." WM



Marcarson is the owner of NOT FOR THEM, an art house/concept gallery in New York City.

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