Brooklyn jewelry company love for both of us announces collaboration with artist Mark Flood

Mark Flood, DISCOBOLUS PENDANT, (jewlery by Love For Both of Us)


By WM, May 2021

love for both of us is pleased to present its collaboration with artist Mark Flood. Flood is a Houston-based and internationally acclaimed artist whose multi-disciplinary practice spans over four decades. His acute social observations cover many subjects including celebrity, politics and consumerism. These subjects are all in the service of how the viewer is controlled by pictures and ultimately how they force the viewer to look back at themselves.  

For this project, love for both of us has reached back to two of Mark Flood's works from 1988, bronze sculptures Venus and Discobolus. Flood reconfigures the two iconic antique Greek sculptures. Beauty, symmetry and balance are made monstrous with the addition and subtraction of limbs. The figures blur the boundary between attraction and repulsion. Referencing the material of Flood's original sculptures, the pendants are cast in bronze, hand-finished and sealed with a clear, durable lacquer. Each pendant comes with a delicate 14k gold chain, creating a subtle interplay between bronze and gold.

Recent solos exhibitions by Flood include Ever Gold Projects, San Francisco (2021); Karma, NYC (2020); Maccarone Gallery, NYC (2017); Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (2016); Frank Elbaz, Dallas (2016); Ever Gold Projects, San Francisco (2016); Rubell Family Collection, Miami (2015); and Peres Projects, Berlin (2015). Flood’s work is found in the permanent collections of the Birmingham Museum of Art; the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth; the Dallas Museum of Art; The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; and The Menil Collection, Houston.

love for both of us is a Brooklyn-based company that collaborates with contemporary artists to make limited-edition jewelry. The power of the jewelry comes directly out of the energy emanating from the artist's studio. Each piece is made by hand by master artisans and highly skilled craftspeople. First projects are with artists Robert Lazzarini, Mark Flood, Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe. WM 

 Mark Flood, DISCOBOLUS PENDANT, (jewlery by Love For Both of Us)

 Mark Flood, DISCOBOLUS PENDANT AND VENUS PENDANT (jewlery by Love For Both of Us)


Mark Flood, VENUS PENDANT, (jewlery by Love For Both of Us)




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